Tuesday, January 24, 2012

two months!

Eek!  In two short months from today, I'll be getting all gussied up for my wedding day!  Time has flown by.  Seriously.  Flown. 

As far as I know, I'm as ready as I can be for the wedding.  I haven't really done anything wedding related (besides a tasting last weekend for our rehearsal dinner and a dress fitting tomorrow) in months. 

(Back on the tasting, it was SO GOOD and we had so much food leftover!)

I've been busy planning a fundraiser, trying to find a new job, and getting my house ready to go on the market. When I say getting my house ready to go on the market, I mean that Lincoln fixed this problem over the weekend...

Since I haven't really talked about wedding plans too much on this blog, I thought you might want to see what's going on:

Here's our church:

Funny story about the church we're getting married at...neither of us go to this church.  I always drive by it and thought it was beautiful. 

When I was contacting churches (mine was too far away to get married at), they only allowed members and people considering joining their church.  No exceptions.

For one reason or another I decided to look at the staff of the Church and recognized one of the ministers as someone that used to preach at my hometown church when I was very little.  Oddly enough, he married my parents and one of my aunts and uncles!  Because of that connection, we were able to have our wedding at the church AND he's marrying Lincoln and I!  Small world, huh?

Here's our reception venue (it's so cute inside and they have the BEST food):


Our colors are green and pink.  Mostly green.  I think Lincoln would've killed me if our main color was pink!  We're for the most part just using pink in my bouquet and in flowers at the church and the reception. 

Here's what my bouquet is supposed to look like:

Peony bouquet

The guys are getting different patterned green ties.  Lincoln's is the exact one below and the boutonniere's will look similar to this:

green for guys

Because Californo's has exposed brick walls and the room is pretty dark, I'm hoping to create a romantic feeling in the room by having some of the centerpieces look like this:

Pinned Image

Some of the other tables will just have vases of hydrangea's or peonies as a centerpiece.

We're also having a photo booth and a band that all of my friends have been snagging for their weddings, the Mikey Needleman Band.  They're so fun!

Our cake is going to be pretty simple and is being made by one of my best friends who needs to have her own bakery.  We used to live together and I probably gained a good 5 pounds because of all of the sweet stuff she would make.  We're having 5 different flavors of cake, I'm most excited about the strawberry buttercream frosting though...

I decided that I only wanted my sister to stand up with me and Lincoln is having one of his best friends stand up with him during the ceremony. 

I have so many friends and have been in or will be in most of their weddings, however, I just wanted to keep things simple and to have all of them come and enjoy the day and to not have to worry about helping me out and feeling like they needed to spend a bunch of money on dresses, shoes, and accessories.

After the big wedding day, we're hoping on a plane to Cancun for the week!  I'm so excited!

Here's our resort!

Friday, January 6, 2012

oh gawd, i'm almost 30.

So, today marks my half-way point to the big 3-0.  In six short months, I'll be thirty years old.  Yikes that sounds old.

The good news is that my favorite sports team of all time, and probably the best team in the whole entire world, Kansas State Univeristy, is playing in the Cotton Bowl tonight.

For some unknown reason, Lincoln and I decided to not make the trip to Dallas where all of our friends are at this weekend. (Maybe it had something to do with getting married in two months, remodeling a bathroom, and paying for a honeymoon, or something like that?)

And, for the handful of friends that are still in the state of Kansas, they either already have plans or were invited to a watch party that we weren't invited to (thanks mom and dad...yes, even my parents have plans).

So, Lincoln and I are having a watch party all by ourselves, and secretly I'm really excited about it.  We're making these mouth watering sliders from the Pioneer Woman, fries, and drinking beers together.


I also made this seriously delicious oatmeal that I found on pinterest this morning for the girls at work.  It was sooooogooooood.  I probably could have eaten the entire pan.  No joke.

Pinned Image

AND, as if that wasn't enough, the weather in Kansas has been in the sixties this week.  That's not normal.  It's January, folks.  I'm not sure if you remember or not, but this is what it looked like last year.

Happy Friday!