Tuesday, March 29, 2011

plum district

I know, I know...you probably don't need another email to clutter up your inbox on a daily basis...but I thought this was a pretty good one today from Plum District (click here to sign up!).

My coworker, Ashley, informed me of today's deal and we both decided to give it a shot.  I mean for $15, why not?!

Today's deal is for the Fresh 20

Basically this plan helps you plan weekly meals for only $20 a week using fresh, local produce.  How cool is that?!  Especially with summer coming up and the farmer's markets getting into full swing, this deal couldn't have come at a better time!

i might be crazy

Have you all heard of the event: Warrior Dash?  Maybe they have one in your city?

I may regret this decision later...but I'm participating and I also joined a running club at my gym to help prep us for the Warrior Dash. 

Have I mentioned how much I hate running? 


I do. 

I'm really not sure why I do...my dad and my sister are big runners, but I'd rather take a class or do something a little more exciting than running on a treadmill for an hour.

Granted, this club that I signed up for will have classes outside, but still...it will be during the months of June and July--which equals sweaty and hot.

Anyway, Warrior Dash is "3.1 hellish miles" and has obstacles throughout the course such as:
  • hurdling over barricades and under barbed wire
  • rappelling down a steep ravine
  • dashing down a stream
  • crawling through a swamp
  • leaping over fires
  • scrambling under barbed wire through mud
just to name a few...

The race concludes with an after party and beer, so it can't be too bad, right?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

my dream....

This is not about some dream that I hope will happen in the future if that's what you were hoping for. 


It's better.  It's about an actual dream I had this morning.

And it is so very weird. 

I have no idea why I had it, why the people who were in it were involved, and why I would remember the details that I remembered from it....


I managed to hit snooze for a good 2 hours this morning and rolled out of bed at 6:45.  That's a solid two hours after my first alarm went off (because I usually get up at 4:45 to get ready to go to the gym...).  I typically leave my house at 7:23 but this morning I needed to leave earlier to drop Laila off at my sister's house. 

I somehow managed to get ready in 20 minutes because I was out the door at 7:05 this morning people!  Record time!  And apparently I don't look as though I just rolled out of bed, people said my hair looked good today....

Before I actually woke up, I was having the WEIRDEST dream ever. 


Part of me is embarrassed to even tell you guys about it (even though I have shared the story a handful of times already today...) but part of me wants you to share in this randomness.  So here it goes:

Apparently I decided to host some kind of high school reunion in my bedroom, of all places...because that obviously makes sense. 

(Now that I think about it...maybe I had this dream because I got a Facebook message yesterday talking about my high school 10 year class reunion...yuck that makes me sound old...)

We were all hanging out on my bed, there were probably about ten of us just chilling in my room and I specifically remember two guys from my high school as being there.  Neither of whom I've talked to let alone have seen in the past couple of years. 

I had to get up to go to the bathroom, so I walked into the bathroom attached to my room and found something that resembled this:

Yes, that would be a corn poo and a toothbrush in my toilet.

Why wouldn't someone flush that down? And more importantly, why is there a toothbrush in there?  Were they killing two birds with one stone and brushing and pooping at the same time?

Upon finding this discovery I marched out to my room where everyone was hanging out and demanded to know who wouldn't flush and why there was a toothbrush in the toilet.

One of the guys that I hadn't talked to in forever claimed the turd and said he left it for people to see and didn't think flushing was a good idea because the toothbrush ended up in the toilet.

And then I woke up.

What the hell?

Why did I have this dream and why would I remember the detail of the corn turdie and toothbrush?

Usually I don't remember my dreams at all...so why this one?!


Friday, March 18, 2011

accessories swap!

How fun is this!? 

I love jewelry, you love jewelry so sign up already!

Go here to see the rules.

i heart accessories swap

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the bestest

I had a strange phone number calling my desk phone this morning and when I answered it was our receptionist calling to let me know I had the cutest delivery show up (seriously, she was really excited about this):

I was a little surprised, I mean St. Patrick's Day isn't usually one that you get deliveries on, after all!

However, I got the best thing ever; a delivery from
Edible Arrangements from the bestest boyfriend ever.

He's too nice to me sometimes... :)

I mentioned over the weekend after seeing a van for edible arrangements driving around that I wanted one...little did I know that he would pay attention AND get me a fruit surprise so soon!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My friend Jenny is hilarious.

We work together.

She enjoys a good poop joke.

And she writes a funny blog: Mom of 2 Things

Recently our dogs got together when she hosted book club at her house.  Her dog, Stevie, wasn't quite sure of Laila...Laila's a few years younger than Stevie and wanted to play...Stevie not so much.

Check out the blog here.

She also does really good drawrings:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ignorance is bliss?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few days, I'm sure you have all seen and heard of the tragedy that happened in Japan. 

I can't even wrap my brain around it. 

I mean, not only do they get hit with a Tsunami, but then a giant Earthquake, followed by Nuclear Reactors blowing up. 

Thousands of people are most likely dead, with the death toll predictions being close to 10,000.

I mean, how do you even recover after something like this?

Last night on the news I watched as a business owner and his wife in Japan were attempting to start cleaning up their place.  The news captured them shoveling mud from their building.  Mud.  I complain about all of the snow we've had and how heavy it was, but here they are trying to get mud out of their homes and businesses. 

Their lives will forever be changed.  Our lives will forever be changed.

For some reason though, I've been seeing a few posts here and there on facebook or stories on Perez (I'm not even going to link to the story that was posted yesterday because it is so wrong to me, but basically a college student put up a video about how the tragedy in Japan was so great because it was God's way of taking care of atheists) about Americans who can't understand why this would have any affect on us.  Or why we care so much about the people in Japan when we have our own problems here in the US.

Here's part of one post: "you know its said when some people in this country care more abt people in japan or hati or chile than in there own country" (please note I didn't correct any spelling errors...).

Correct; we do have our share of problems in our own country.  There are many without jobs, many who are homeless and starving but a natural disaster is something that can't be controlled, something that just happens; without warning and without knowledge of when it's going to happen or how bad things are going to be.

Entire cities were wiped off the map; they have no running water or electricity and no idea when any of that will return.

Maybe those who are posting such comments have no idea how many products and industries are housed in Japan.  Or that the nuclear energy plants that are currently blowing up might potentially have some effects effects on the US coastline. 

What's more, is that these are people, just like you and I who have lost family members, their homes, pets, and their livelihood.

Y'all know I love a good joke, I just don't find this topic one that deserves a joke! 

I'm just going to assume that people who are making jokes or off the wall comments about this tragedy maybe just didn't know the extent of it.  I mean, even 50 cent apologized for his ignorant tweets!

Instead of posting unfounded information on facebook, we should be posting where to donate a few extra bucks instead...like here:  Salvation Army or here: Red Cross

That is all.  I'll get off my soap-box now, I am just floored at how unsympathetic people can be.

Monday, March 14, 2011

the laser: update

Good news, my fat ugly lip has almost healed...but not without a little poking fun at me by my friends and family (all of whom read my blog and knew what was going on):

Matt:  What happened to your lip?  Did you get punched in the face?

Dad:  Are you trying to grow a mustache?
Me: No, shut up. I'm doing the opposite of that.
Dad: It really looks like you're trying to grow a mustache...
Mom: Let me look at it closer, I didn't even notice it yesterday...hmm...you do kind of look like Hitler.

So apparently I walked around all weekend looking like this. Minus the hair (well and the swastica, the outfit, and the scowl) and replacing it with some dry skin and a scab (that's a sick word).  

I also felt the need to tell almost everyone that I spoke to what happend just in case they stared at my face for longer than a 1/2 of a second just so they wouldn't think that I was sick with something.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the laser

Y'all know that I'm a huge fan of groupon, right? (click there to sign up, duh!)  I try to pimp them out whenever I can. 

I buy way too many deals, but I can't help myself. 

When something is essentially half off (or more) I find some reason to think that I need it. 

And generally I do.  (OK, that's probably a lie....but being able to try a new restaurant or service at half the price is genius).

About a year ago I purchased a groupon for laser hair removal. 

This was back in the day when I was referring people left and right and they were giving me some groupon bucks to fill out surveys, so I was rollin' in the groupon dough, so to speak.  So I paid about $40 for laser hair removal that usually costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $900.

I've been going to get lasered for close to 10 months now so I kind of know the drill:  Show up, lay down, throw on some goggles, and then they zap your hair away. 

All in all, this process takes about 3 minutes (depending on what area you're having treated). 

Most of the time it's pretty painless.  Most of the time....  There have been a few times where I thought I was going to cry.

At my last appointment I had a new laser lady.  I mean, not only was she new to me, but she was new to lasering.

She was very nice, but I'm starting to think that maybeher lasering skills may still be lacking...

As she was lasering I started to smell something that smelled like fire or burning skin, to be more specific.  I think there may have even been a little smoke.

She at one point said: "ooh, that smells like somethings burning!"



I woke up the next day to a lovely patch of burnt skin that hurts and looks like hell.

I debated on telling the spa about the incident...I didn't want to get the new lady in trouble but I wasn't sure what was going on and finally decided that if it were a training issue that it needed to be corrected so that it wouldn't happen again to another patient.

After multiple phone calls back and forth, nothing still was decided on what actually happened.  Apparently I just had a bad reaction to this treatment and I now have some awesome blisters on my upper lip to show for it (oh and I left out the part about the smell of burning skin...). 

I look so hot.

The spa did feel awful about this isolated incident and has never had anything like it happen before. 

To compensate for my ugly face, they gave me a few more sessions free and apologized immensely for the problem...even though it appears that it was no ones fault.

Oh, the price we pay for beauty (and to be hair-free)....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

marcel the shell

OMG, you've seen this, right?

 If not, you're totally missing one of the funniest things ever.  Luckily, I'm nice and I share cool things with you.

This has been around for awhile, but I wanted to show Lincoln...I wasn't sure that he had seen it or if he would even find it funny.  Much to my enjoyment, he was a fan. 

I think there was even a little baby tear from him laughing so hard.  I kept having to tell him to be quiet so that he'd hear the funny parts.

So, without further ado, please enjoy Marcel. 

I think my favorite part is Alan.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

doggy e.r.

UGH.  I had the worst Monday night ever last week.

It started out perfectly fine.

I went to the gym, like normal.  Got some groceries, like normal.  Started dinner and had the stupid Bachelor on, like normal.  AND THEN, I walked into my bedroom and found trash strewn across my bathroom and bedroom floor.  WTF.

I was on the phone with Lincoln while all of this was going on and I'm sure my voice change scared him a little.  Getting off of the phone at this point was probably the best idea.  I mean trash had overtaken my bathroom, for the love.

My little beast decided to go to town on trash, of all things; and lots of it.

I wasn't quite sure what to do...I mean I was in the middle of making a delicious dish for the crock-pot for the next day, it was almost bed-time, and I really just wanted to relax. 

After calling the emergency vet, they told me that I should probably bring her in since I didn't know how much or what exactly she ate.  Perfect.

Before calling the vet, I called my co-worker Jenny to see if she had ever had something similar happen with her small dog.  When she answered I was a little caught off guard by her reply:

Jenny: "I already know."
Me: "You do?  What? How?"
Jenny: "Oh, wait.  What are you calling about?"
Me: "No, what are you talking about?"

(She was talking about a co-worker who had passed away earlier in the day, which just added to my shit-tastic night)

Jenny: "So what are you really calling about?"
Me: "Well I think my dog may have eaten a tampon and a lot of other trash and I was just calling to see if Stevie had ever done that."
Jenny: <hysterical laughter>
Me: "I'm taking that as a no...."
Jenny: "NO. Er, well I don't think so...what are you going to do, take her to the emergency vet?"

So after that convo, and doing some googling, I decided my best bet was to take my crazy dog to the vet.

Upon arriving to the emergency vet, I was greeted with a cat that had a leaking face (it was so nasty, and I really don't care for cats, but I felt bad for this one...), a few tear-stained faces, and a handful of dogs waiting for their appointments.  My dog rolls up to the counter jumping all over the place as happy as can be.

Now, some of you might be asking yourself, why, if she was acting fine would I take her in? 

Here's the thing:  I seriously had no idea how much trash she ate or what exactly she ate and with her belly being so small, I was scared that I'd wake up to her violently puking and I was in no mood to clean that up.

We finally made our way back to the exam room and the pet nurse took her back to have her stomach examined.  When he came back in, he asked if they could give her a shot to induce vomiting.  I, of course, said sure, have at it.

The vet came back in awhile later (luckily I was smart enough to bring a book along with me...) and informed me that she had managed to eat quite a bit of stuff and that they were just monitoring her for the next ten minutes since she was still dry-heaving.  They didn't want her to throw up in my car.  Perfect.

We finally left the vet almost two hours after arriving and I was expecting my dog to be lethargic, have no appetite and to possibly have the runs and to puke a little more, however, she acted the complete opposite.  She ran around the house like a mad-woman, ate an entire bowl of food and then was finally ready to go to bed when I finished cleaning up my crock-pot preparations in the kitchen. 

Almost $200 later and my dog seems to be completely fine.  She has however, lost her out of kennel privileges for awhile.  Little betch.

Monday, March 7, 2011

kid rockin' recap

You ask and you shall receive...

For his second appaerance on my blog, Lincoln has recapped his best night ever at the Kid Rock concert.  While the pictures are a little blurry, you get the point...pure class at this show. 

So the Kid Rock concert has come and gone.  As I suspected, both performers put on great shows, leaving the crowd wanting more.  And to no surprise, some of the fans left lasting impressions.

I was amazed how diverse the crowd was. There was anything from college-aged stoners to sixty-year old business men.  And A LOT in between! Here a few examples. Sorry for the picture clarity; or lack thereof…

Now this I guess is what you would call an outdated Chiefs/Kid Rock fan.  I’m not really sure what the connection is between the two but he somehow pulled it off.  What really makes this outfit great is the personalized Jared Allen jersey since he hasn’t donned the red and gold for a few years.

This photo represents a group of ladies who posessed an insatiable craving for attention. I’m not sure what would require someone to make so many trips up and down the aisle, but her 3-x’s too small dress wasn’t ready for that kind of workout.

Kid Rock came up and down our aisle!  Just kidding, it's just a look-alike...now this is what I aspire to be in thirty years! This guy totally has the Kid Rock look down. And he’s a ladies man to boot! I’m sure Kid Rock himself would be proud of this outfit.

Overall, the concert was great, and I’d definitely go back.  And for the ones wondering what I chose to wear, I ended up going with a wife beater, cutoff jean shorts and a bandanna jeans and a polo. Sorry to disappoint…but I didn't want to fit in too well in case the ladies' tried to hit on me.

Friday, March 4, 2011

decisions, decisions...

For quite some time now, I've been trying to figure out how to finish off my office. 

Do I get a bookcase? A chair? A bookcase and a chair?  So many decisions...

I could go all out and go with this Eames Lounge Chair--it would look pretty snazzy in my green office...

Just tilt your head a little...for some reason my pictures aren't importing correctly from my phone.  ugh.  And with no internet connection out my house currently...I'm just going with these... :)
Or, I could go with this cute book shelf...

Luckily my friends over at CSN have offered to give me a gift card if I review an item for them, so how could I pass up this great opportunity!? 

Be on the look out to see which item I end up going with soon!