Friday, August 27, 2010

A word to the wise....

That's my friend Colleen below. 

A few years ago, we were in our friend Jess' wedding.  Colleen couldn't decide how she wanted her shorter hair done for the ceremony, but decided that an updo would work.  Little did she know, she would end up with cornrows and black bobby-pins galore all over her little blond head.  Colleen asked my friend Nicki and I (as this was happening to her hair) what we thought of it.  Unfortunately we couldn't read Co's face and said that we liked it while trying to hold back laughter (her face looked like she liked it, I swear! Doesn't the picture below look like she liked it? No? oh....). 

While fighting back tears paying for this mess of hair just hours before the wedding, I was already rounding up curling irons to try and salvage any wedding pictures that we'd all take together.  Luckily, her hair turned out fine and all was well in the world.

Colleen is getting married next summer; I'm going to go ahead and say that this look isn't your best, buddy.  I'd shy away from cornrows if I were you.  I think we all learned a few valuable lessons that day: 

1.  Make it blatantly obvious if you're not digging your hair before the wedding. 

2.  Choose a hair style (side note: Colleen did not ask for cornrows, they just happened, like magic) that is you and not something that looks cool on that chick in the magazine, she probably has extensions or something

3.  Punch your friends in the face if they allow your hair stylist to do something like this to your wedding hair.

A white girl with cornrows=awesome.

A little better, right?


  1. 2 words...NOT NICE!!!!!!


  2. ahhhh hahahaha!!! i remember that day fondly...aint nothin' like the whitest of white girls ending up with cornrows. next time speak up co...speak up for the love of all things holy. no one wants cornrows on their wedding day.