Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the facebook

Do you ever notice that people screaming for attention post stupid comments on Facebook?  Or maybe I'm the only one with crazy "friends"?

"Happy one month anniversary baby!"

--Really? One month?  Probably not necessary coming from a 15 year old.  And while we're at it, neither is saying I love you after one month.  One more thing, I know for a fact that this 15 year old's parents are her friends on Facebook, and maybe her parents don't get on FB that often, but a little monitoring is a good thing...don't ya think?  If this were me at 15 and my parents saw half the stuff that this girl puts up on FB I would be grounded for life...

"Dreams are illustrations...from the book your soul is
writing about you."

--I'm all for inspirational quotes or song lyrics but is it necessary to post them every day or multiple times throughout the day?  Answer: no.  Also, this one is weird.

"I have a really big heart and have always treated others great even when they were mean to me. When do i get my break?"
"I just want it all to be over"
--The infamous sob story....we all have these people who relentlessly post feel bad for me statuses.  I get it, you've had your heart broken; you hate your job...chances are your problems are not going to be solved via facebook. Just sayin'.

"Hvn a grt wknd! Dnt wnt 2 go bck 2 wrk !"

--Is it necessary or easier to leave the vowels out?  I don't get me, it takes more work to figure out how to type something incorrectly than to just spell it out the right way...I am a spelling bee champ though (and by that I mean that I went to the spelling bee a few times back in the day. I didn't win or anything though...waaa waaaaa)

"Read my blog, dammit."

--Oh, wait. That's mine.  I'm sure I've offended some people on facebook or have annoyed them with all of the posts that I've put up regarding my blog, but do I care? Maybe...ok, no I don't.

Also as a side note, my dad has truly embraced social media.  Not only is he on facebook, but lately he's been updating. 

He also does the twitter.

Typically his tweets are work-related, but last week he posted to facebook a delightful story about how he accidentally tried on my mom's pants and thought they looked good, even though they were a little snug.  Oh, are a special one.


  1. OH my! Your dad has to be one of the most funny persons EVER! But I can see why it must run in the family since I think you and your sis are two of the most funny people too! :)

  2. I love everything about this post. I couldn't agree more... there are some people that are so pretentious - I have one to add... yesterday this guy I went to high school with literally had this as his facebook status: "Does your company have a billboard in Times Square? Na, didn't think so." seriously, you're successful, we get it. UGH. anyways, sorry clearly, I'm bitter.

    in other news, I literally laughed out loud over the last paragraph and your dad and "the twitter" and him trying on your mom's pants... amazing.

  3. I feel like when people declare their love of their spouse/bf too often on facebook I start to not believe them. Seriously, you love your kid, we get it ;)

    I'm going to go find your Dad's profile and see if he's wearing those shorts...