Thursday, June 23, 2011

i feel like a fatty

That sounds weird now that it's up there in the subject line...oh well, I'm leaving it.

But it's true. 

And I know I'm not the only one.

Maybe it's just because it's swim-suit weather...

Regardless, I feel like a heiffer lately.  I haven't been eating  that terribly, and I've been working out a decent amount (nothing like I was used to...) but still, enough.

I'm blaming this fat stage on my approaching birthday and the fact that I'm getting closer and closer to the big 3-0.

Apparently, as this article suggests, it's all downhill after 30.  Your metabolic rate (the number of calories we burn a day) plummets 1% each year after we hit 30.  Crap. 


  1. girl. you are preaching to the choir. I definitely think it has a lot to do with swimsuit season... walking around in pretty much my underwear in front of people other than my husband = not fun.

  2. You and be both, sister! You look fabulous, though, and I know I look okay, but it's still looking at all these others in swimsuits has me reaching for my cover up, ha!

  3. You can offset that if you exercise and retain muscle mass. They say it's because your muscle starts to go away after 30 if you don't work on it and that's what contributes to weight gain.

    However, I am right there with you. I feel like a chunk and I'm heavier now than I have been in YEARS. I've been trying to eat better (lots of fruits and veggies) but so far I haven't dropped a pound :-(