Thursday, April 26, 2012

omg, dad.

My dad is crazy.  Good crazy.  But still, crazy.

I think I've talked before about how he has twitter...he likes to post recipes, farming advice, and in general, make weird comments.  He says he does it to get a reaction from people.

A post that he put up last night is getting reactions from people:

Seriously? Nice erection? 

Here's the picture; I'm not flipping it around because this is how he posted it to Facebook:

I now get emails and Facebook messages from friends saying things like this:

Or this:

Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on who you ask), these comments and this blog will only encourage him to post similar things.  Oh, dad....


  1. hahahah! My Dad...and I are the same way. The other day I called my Mom to borrow her pastry bag and she said "my tips are very small" and both my Dad and I busted out laughing. Minds in gutter.