Tuesday, April 24, 2012

small town, usa

So, if you didn't already know this about me, I grew up in a very small town in KS.  My graduating class had 21 people in it.  Two. One.  That's it.

I went to college and moved to Kansas City, thinking that I'd be there for quite some time.  I love KC.  Most of my friends live there.  My sister, brother in law, and nephew live there, and it's only an hour and a half from my parents and most of the rest of my family.
All of that changed, however, when I met my hubby, Lincoln. 

He grew up in a small town also--only slightly bigger than the town that I grew up in, but both are in the same vicinity.

Once we'd been dating for awhile, we both knew that marriage was in our future.  We also knew that one of us would have to move.

For me, there really wasn't much thought put into it; I knew that moving back to where he lived and where I grew up was probably the best choice for us.  Not only were both of our parents close by, but there's something about growing up in a smaller community that draws you back in. 

Don't get me wrong, I didn't think that I'd be moving back here quite so soon, or ever for that matter, but once I had the chance to, I knew that's what would be best for us.  I also knew that I'd moving away from a lot of conveniences that I'd grown accustomed to in Kansas City. 

The town that we live in now doesn't exactly have a great variety of restaurants or a nail salon on every corner!

My life in KC was great, busy, but great. But when I come back home, life slows down a little. People care more about your well-being. And family is just a short drive (or walk) away.

Besides not having a plethora of restaurants to choose from or the best shopping centers to go to, nothing is really that different.  I mean I still have a gym to go to, we still eat out, there are plenty of community events to go to and/or join, AND, get this, I just got my first set of golf clubs so that I can play in women's league at the Country Club.  I don't golf.  At all.  But the rules said that I could throw or kick the ball if I needed to!

A friend of mine called the other night and while I'm sure she thought what she said was funny and didn't realize what she said was offensive...it was a little offensive to me.  Here's the conversation:

Friend: Hey pal!
Kristin: Hey! What's up?!
F: Not much, what are you up to?
K: Not a lot, just talking to Lincoln.
F: Aww, that's cute, so small town of you!
K: Huh?
F: That's so cute, and so small town!
K: Talking to my husband is small town??? I don't get it.
F: Ha!

Maybe I'm out of it...but I thought most people talked to their husband/boyfriend/fiance/roommate once they got home from work?

There's a chance I'm being too sensitive, but living in a small town isn't such a bad thing....maybe it's because we've been married a month (TODAY!), but we make time to talk to one another, eat dinner together, and hang out together when we're at home.  To me, that's just what couples do--not just us small town folk.


  1. Happy one month anniversary! Yes talking to your spouse is small town...you should text him ;) Just kidding!

  2. I was wondering if you did move back home. I'm guessing Hiawatha...love! The good thing is you can remember your sis, brother-in-law, nephew and friends are only an hour and a half away. Congrats on one-month...did ya'll go to the Cabin? :)