Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mutha's day

I know I'm a tiny bit late, but I still had to tell y'all about mutha's day with my mutha (she likes it when I call her that).

Friday afternoon we did some shopping and my mom cleaned up!  She's still making a few purchases here and there for their new house, so since she needed some help spending money, I was right there to lend her a hand.

That evening we went to the Royals game.  They unfortunately lost...but it was buck night!  AND Fireworks Friday!  Which means that all pop, hot dogs, and peanuts are only $1!  Too bad I don't eat hot dogs (ever) or drink pop that often...

Saturday morning we went to one of my favorite breakfast places, Eggtc.  They have these delicious crepes (Crepe Dolce) with strawberries and mangoes that I sometimes dream about.

After a delightful breakfast, my mom, sister, and I headed downtown to the Farmer's Market. 

Once again, my mom went to town and bought a car load of plants and flowers.  My sister and I think my mom needs to work at a farmer's market (or somewhere like it), she knows her stuff!

Also, my sis and I got these beautiful flowers: 
(mind you we had to stand in line forever because this place is so popular, but it gave mom time to look around) 

We did a little more walking around after we had lunch at Blue Grotto so that my sister could find a baby book for her new little boy!

Yep, I'm going to be an aunt!!  I can't wait!


  1. Sounds like a fun day. Congrat's Auntie!

  2. Um, so, I saw you at the Royals game for a hot second....and my drunk ass didn't even remember it until just now when I read this post. Forgive me for not saying more than "hi." I intended to come back but totally spaced!