Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ornament exchange!

Annahita at Forever 88 recently hosted an ornament exchange. 

I just have to admit that I am HORRIBLE at picking out cute ornaments for other people's trees.  I mean your tree is personal, amiright?  Hopefully I picked well for Anna at My Aiken Heart!

She picked out the cutest little penguin for my tree!

As it turns out, Anna and I are both getting married in March--she's a week before me!  So we're both going through the last few months of planning together!

Sadly, this year, because I'm slowly packing up my house to move into Lincoln's house, I don't have a tree up :(.  We have a tree at Lincoln's house, but that's about 2 hours away...so little penguin will have to wait a couple of weeks to make it's home on our tree.


  1. Yay!! Glad you like him. I haven't gotten any packages in the mail but hopefully it'll be waiting for me when I get home =)

  2. so cute! love that ornament, can't wait to see what you got Anna! :)