Wednesday, December 7, 2011

warrior dash champion!

Ok, ok, maybe in my own head I was a champion...

But I finished at least!  And I finished in under an hour.

Earlier this summer I participated the Warrior Dash in KC.

You might be thinking that finishing a 5K in under an hour is easy peasy, but try running with 5 lbs of mud caked to your feet, being soaking wet, and doing an obstacle course along with all of the running.  No big deal, right?

I mean it was kind of a big deal. 

There were really tall rope things we had to climb over, a really scary tall wall that we had to climb over, mud that we had to swim through, fire that we had to jump over, among all of the running (which I despise).

Luckily my gym, (PUNCH, if you couldn't tell from my muddy t-shirt and bright orange hat-we all wore similar outfits so that we could find each other!) got into the first wave of participants at 9am.

Otherwise, the race would have sucked.

It rained a little the morning before the event, so it was a little cooler in the morning, but the afternoon became quite steamy...also we were some of the first people to run the course and run throgh the mud...otherwise I think it would have been nearly impossible!

The weather this summer in Kansas and Missouri was unreal.

Because of the hot, hot days, sadly, this race proved to be deadly for three of the participants.  Many more had to be taken to the hospital during the event as well.

While the event was fun, I think one time is good enough for me!  It was tough!  But if you know me, I don't really care to be muddy...and there was a lot of mud.  And sweat.  And port-a-potties that I had to change my clothes in. (SO SICK, BTW-I forgot to lock the door and someone walked in on me changing.  Gah.)


  1. aaah! craziness, congrats - that's definitely a feat to be proud of! (completing, not having someone walk in on you while changing in the porta-potty ;)