Wednesday, September 1, 2010

best invention idea, probably ever.

I have the WORST road rage ever. I'll admit it. I think I'm a pretty good driver too; I try to be respectful of other cars on the road and really try my hardest to not piss people off. However driving to and from work every day really tests my patience. You know the people I'm talking about....

--the one that sits out in the passing lane going about 20 under the speed limit and somehow manages to be going the same speed as all other lanes of traffic so there is absolutely no way of getting around the jerk.

--the one that rides your ass only to, once you get over and out of their way, slow back down once you let them in front of you.

--a personal favorite is the one that weaves in and out of all lanes of traffic managing to piss off every person that is on the interstate which then causes everyone to speed up to not let the asshole in and slow down to not let him in and sometimes (not me, for real) someone will swerve at the jerkface to try and prove a point that he's not getting in our lane. It's like we have a pact to not let the guy over.

Anyway, to solve this problem, I have come up with a fantastic idea. This is just a little sketch that I did (it's good, right?) but basically, there will be a small arm that will come out of the front of your vehicle with a hand on it. When someone is doing something crazy on the road, you'll push a button on the inside of your car and give the jerk cutting you off a little bitch slap. This won't hurt anyone, any cars or cause any wrecks, it's more of a light tap to say "watch out buster" or "move out of my way grams". Genius, huh?

Pure Brilliance.

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