Wednesday, September 15, 2010

my dog chews up the strangest things.

I love my dog a lot.  I really do.  But sometimes I wonder about her.  One might go so far as to say that she's spoiled--she has more chewie things to play with and chew on than any other dog I know and once upon a time she had nice comfy bedding.  She also has some cute winter sweaters and a pink snuggie to go outside in the snow in (which she loves, btw). 

We even went to puppy school and she was the brightest dog in her class.  Seriously.  The trainer pretty much said so.  (And no, she wasn't the only dog in the class, thank you very much!)

Doesn't she look sooo smart?!

So, one would think that with all of those good things going on that she would be like the most well behaved animal on the planet.  Ugh, so wrong.  She's not a bad dog by any means, but she just does some things that make me wonder!  She is only one and probably still considered a puppy, but geesh!

She has a little baby chewing problem.  Her chewing habit is actually what inspired me to start blogging.  And what will probably cost me hundreds of dollars in home repair...

I think she was really pissed this day, she chewed up a few of the spindles on my staircase.  Not cool.  How exactly am I supposed to fix this???  And also, ouch!  Splinters coming back out could be painful...
My perfectly good undies, all chewed up.

I came home from the gym one morning to my nice HUGE area rug all over my living room.  Awesome.  This doesn't look as bad as all of the rug shards all over the room....
Also, this doesn't look as bad as this picture represents, but I came home one afternoon to carpet all over her kennel.  Sweet.  Thanks, girlfriend! You sure now how to make your mom proud.

So usually when I take a shower in the mornings, Laila sleeps in my bed.  I got out of the shower one morning and couldn't find her anywhere in my room.  This sweet little angel decided to go through my recycling and go to town on some empty containers.  So sweet.
This is kind of like where's Waldo on my bed.  Laila hid in my pillows after she went through the recycling because she thought she was in big trouble.
This would be that nice bedding I spoke of above.  Usually Laila sleeps with old t-shirts (specifically because she has a history of chewing up her bedding); I don't know why I thought this day would be a different day and she wouldn't chew up her bed...I think she was pissed because we usually spend Sunday's outside, but that didn't happen on this particular Sunday, so I guess she thought ripping apart her bedding would be a good use of her time...

Guess we're back to old crappy t-shirts...


  1. If I could only tell you the number of dog beds we have gone through with Cooper, lots and lots, and lots!

  2. Oh I feel your pain. First few days out of the kennel with our puggle he dug a hole in the guest bed mattress and pulled up the linoleum in my Father in law's bathroom. He still chews up underwear. I don't get it.