Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a tale of two wardrobes

So, you all know I've been slacking lately (sorrrry)...after my event this weekend, things should slow down a little and I'll hopefully have some more time to post....<hopefully>

I was complaining to the boyfriend the other day about not having time to post much lately and he was complaining about not having much to I told him to write something for me.  Little did I know that he would actually take me seriously!  You are in for a treat, my dears....

For his blogging debut, I introduce to you, Lincoln:

So since Kristin feels like she has more important things going on lately rather than blogging, I felt as though this would be the perfect chance to fill the void and publish my latest fashion dilemma…

This Friday night, I have the fortunate opportunity to see the one and only Kid Rock in concert for the first time. To be honest, I’m really not a big fan of his. His yelling, screaming, and lack of good vocals don’t really do it for me, but he should be entertaining and is an all-around American badass.

The real reason my friends and I are attending is to see Jamey Johnson, Kid Rock’s opening act.  This southern boy can really perform and his lyrics are out of this world.  Here’s a pic of Jamey:

Both of these entertainers tend to bring out a certain crowd to which my friends and I normally don’t share a lot of common interests with but I thought for one night we need to join the masses.

So the dilemma:

To fit in with this particular crowd of fans, I’m wondering what one should wear?? 

For those who don’t know me, tattoos, do rags, and wife beaters are not major parts of my wardrobe.  Preppy would probably be what best describes me.  So…how does one go from this:

to this:


I posed this question to my resident fashion expert, to which she responded:
“So hot.  So many questions though...  How will you do your hair like that? Can you grow a beard that fast? Are you getting your nipple pierced this week?”

I know, I really didn’t think this through. I quickly realized I would not be able to pull this off.

Maybe I could at least do the shirtless thing but I didn’t know how Sprint Center officials would feel about my attire, or lack thereof; let alone, the cold weather.  So in comes the professional again and saves the day with this amazing idea and explanation:

“You're covered with the shirt thing, but you can still show off your arms, chest hair and your nipple piercing.  And, if it gets too hot you can just take it off and if it's really cold when you leave you have a hood.  I think this is ideal.” 

Thank goodness for Billy Ray Cyrus! I can’t wait for Friday!


  1. At first glance I though this post was about Jesus and that Miley Cyrus had a mullet.

    My fashion advice would be to go with the plain plaid shirt. Preppy boys can like bad music too ;) Or buy a bad humor tshirt. Big Johnson or something equally as vulgar.

    Good luck, hope we get to see the finished product! Oh yea, and don't brush your hair.

  2. Oh my goodness, Lincoln, you're hilarious, and how cool of you to make a post! I think the plaid shirt and jeans will be just fine.

  3. I'm liking the guest post. He seems smart. SMRT, smart! I am excited to see what he actually ends up wearing. Future post perhaps? :)

  4. there a follow up post from everyone's favorite guest blogger? Come on, Lincoln, show us the final selection. And I hope it includes some kind of bad necklace, Billy Ray style.