Thursday, February 17, 2011

we're not ready yet.

So it's February and for some strange reason it's 70 degrees today in Kansas.  Last week we had negative temperatures and like 40 inches of snow on the ground (or something close to that).

I mean don't get me wrong; I'm so ready for the snow to be done with and for spring time weather and everything that comes with it.  But what I'm not ready for is the fan in the bathroom at work to take a hiatus.

I wrote about that here before. 

Talk about awkward.

Sometimes it's a challenge to even pee with the fan off because of the silence. 

I got to work yesterday from being in California and saw the worried faces of my coworkers when they explained that the fan had been off for the last couple of days. 

It's way too early for this to be happening.  I mean, I thought we at least had another month or two!

Because the weather changes so frequently, I'm sure that the fan will be back at least for a few days in the coming months, but nothing like we've been used to...I'm going to miss that 'ol girl and the sounds that come out of it.

As a side note: a chunk of our ceiling in the bathroom fell out today and then apparently water was leaking all over the bathroom.  Additionally our floor smelled like a bonfire.  Something weird is going on...

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  1. (Imagine I'm George Dubya): I'm conducting scientrifical research to try and figure out what the temperature threshold is for the terlet fan. It is my assumpture that, upon reaching 51 degrees on the outsides, the fan turns off. Discuss.