Monday, February 28, 2011

the towel chase.

There used to be this time when my dog was a little brat.  Oh. Wait.  She still is.  But she's getting better and she's still a puppy.  Kind of. 

Aw, this is the first day I got her, such a little baby!!
Anyway, when she was pretty new, I would let her outside without a leash on for her to go to the bathroom. 

I let her out my front door since it's the most convenient for both of us.  My front door however, is right next to the street and where most of my neighbors gather if they're gathering. 

One afternoon in particular, I had just gotten out of the shower and found my sweet little angelic dog sitting by the door waiting to go outside.  I had a proud moment and thought to myself that I was doing a damn good job training this little beast.  So, as per the norm, I let her outside without her leash on for her to do her business (mind you I'm in a towel since I had just showered). 

I generally would stay inside and watch her from my doorway while she was outside so I usually didn't know if there were people outside or not.

On this particular day, most of my neighborhood was standing outside talking to one another while Laila was outside going to the bathroom.  Being the social butterfly that she is, she decided to run across the street to chat it up with one neighbor, then run across the street again to chat with another...

All the while, I'm inside freaking out!  I'm in a towel (and that's it), have no shoes on and my dog is running loose through the neighborhood.

Once I got my shit together I managed to throw on a hoodie and some flip flops and took off down the street in search of my dog.  Luckily she hadn't made it far as her BFF's live right next door.

My neighbors could see that I was a little distraught over having my dog darting from house to house and they assured me she was fine and even invited me over to come and hang out.

I declined and said that I needed to go, but they offered again and said that Laila wanted to play.  I mumbled that I was only wearing towel and one neighbor was like "oh I see the towel on your head you're fine!"  His girlfriend got it: I WAS ONLY WEARING A TOWEL (which was slowly starting to inch its way south). 

Once everyone put it together that I was only sporting a towel, I finally got my dog back and moseyed back to my house, mortified!  (ok, who am I kidding, it didn't really bother me that my neighbors saw me in a hoodie and a could have been worse). 

That gave everyone a good laugh for quite sometime and I hadn't really thought about it again until my neighbor Kim mentioned something about it not that long ago. 

You see, one neighbor in particular is a little crazy, not bad crazy, just a little wacky, and she wears some interesting clothing and says pretty much whatever pops into her head. 

My neighbor Kim, who is the sweetest thing and seems to know everything about everyone on our block, came to me one day talking about said neighbor and asked if I remembered that one time when she was running around the block in a towel trying to get one of their dogs back....

To which I replied, "I think you have her and I confused.  That was totally me running around in a towel trying to get Laila back."  Kim replied with "no, it couldn't have been you..."

Oh yes, Kim, it really was me.  She finally believed me that i was the one sporting the towel for the whole neighborhood to see. 

To this day, Laila is always on a leash to go to the bathroom.  Especially if I go to the door only wearing a towel.  You'd think I would've learned my lesson that maybe I should put on some clothes before I take her to the bathroom, but when she has to go, she has to go! 

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  1. Hahah! I'm totally a gossiping neighbor. At least you were wearing atowel ;)