Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ignorance is bliss?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few days, I'm sure you have all seen and heard of the tragedy that happened in Japan. 

I can't even wrap my brain around it. 

I mean, not only do they get hit with a Tsunami, but then a giant Earthquake, followed by Nuclear Reactors blowing up. 

Thousands of people are most likely dead, with the death toll predictions being close to 10,000.

I mean, how do you even recover after something like this?

Last night on the news I watched as a business owner and his wife in Japan were attempting to start cleaning up their place.  The news captured them shoveling mud from their building.  Mud.  I complain about all of the snow we've had and how heavy it was, but here they are trying to get mud out of their homes and businesses. 

Their lives will forever be changed.  Our lives will forever be changed.

For some reason though, I've been seeing a few posts here and there on facebook or stories on Perez (I'm not even going to link to the story that was posted yesterday because it is so wrong to me, but basically a college student put up a video about how the tragedy in Japan was so great because it was God's way of taking care of atheists) about Americans who can't understand why this would have any affect on us.  Or why we care so much about the people in Japan when we have our own problems here in the US.

Here's part of one post: "you know its said when some people in this country care more abt people in japan or hati or chile than in there own country" (please note I didn't correct any spelling errors...).

Correct; we do have our share of problems in our own country.  There are many without jobs, many who are homeless and starving but a natural disaster is something that can't be controlled, something that just happens; without warning and without knowledge of when it's going to happen or how bad things are going to be.

Entire cities were wiped off the map; they have no running water or electricity and no idea when any of that will return.

Maybe those who are posting such comments have no idea how many products and industries are housed in Japan.  Or that the nuclear energy plants that are currently blowing up might potentially have some effects effects on the US coastline. 

What's more, is that these are people, just like you and I who have lost family members, their homes, pets, and their livelihood.

Y'all know I love a good joke, I just don't find this topic one that deserves a joke! 

I'm just going to assume that people who are making jokes or off the wall comments about this tragedy maybe just didn't know the extent of it.  I mean, even 50 cent apologized for his ignorant tweets!

Instead of posting unfounded information on facebook, we should be posting where to donate a few extra bucks instead...like here:  Salvation Army or here: Red Cross

That is all.  I'll get off my soap-box now, I am just floored at how unsympathetic people can be.


  1. I saw that thing on Perez. That chick is a nut job.

  2. Rock on sista! I hear ya! unfortunately its the mentality of our society...if it doesn't directly impact their daily lives, then who the hell cares! very sad!

  3. The girl on Perez was a troll; it was fake and after people got her address and home phone and stuff she admitted she was a troll and then deleted her account.

    I know more than one person who was missing or is still missing family in Japan and I can't BELIEVE some of the nasty shit I've seen people say. I checked Google Person Finder Japan for some friends and would see where other people had gotten on a person's page and posted that he or she was dead or eaten by Godzilla or something and wished I could internet punch.