Monday, March 7, 2011

kid rockin' recap

You ask and you shall receive...

For his second appaerance on my blog, Lincoln has recapped his best night ever at the Kid Rock concert.  While the pictures are a little blurry, you get the point...pure class at this show. 

So the Kid Rock concert has come and gone.  As I suspected, both performers put on great shows, leaving the crowd wanting more.  And to no surprise, some of the fans left lasting impressions.

I was amazed how diverse the crowd was. There was anything from college-aged stoners to sixty-year old business men.  And A LOT in between! Here a few examples. Sorry for the picture clarity; or lack thereof…

Now this I guess is what you would call an outdated Chiefs/Kid Rock fan.  I’m not really sure what the connection is between the two but he somehow pulled it off.  What really makes this outfit great is the personalized Jared Allen jersey since he hasn’t donned the red and gold for a few years.

This photo represents a group of ladies who posessed an insatiable craving for attention. I’m not sure what would require someone to make so many trips up and down the aisle, but her 3-x’s too small dress wasn’t ready for that kind of workout.

Kid Rock came up and down our aisle!  Just kidding, it's just a this is what I aspire to be in thirty years! This guy totally has the Kid Rock look down. And he’s a ladies man to boot! I’m sure Kid Rock himself would be proud of this outfit.

Overall, the concert was great, and I’d definitely go back.  And for the ones wondering what I chose to wear, I ended up going with a wife beater, cutoff jean shorts and a bandanna jeans and a polo. Sorry to disappoint…but I didn't want to fit in too well in case the ladies' tried to hit on me.

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  1. I think you need to get him a camera for his birthday. Or would that be uncool to bring a camera to a kid rock concert?