Monday, March 14, 2011

the laser: update

Good news, my fat ugly lip has almost healed...but not without a little poking fun at me by my friends and family (all of whom read my blog and knew what was going on):

Matt:  What happened to your lip?  Did you get punched in the face?

Dad:  Are you trying to grow a mustache?
Me: No, shut up. I'm doing the opposite of that.
Dad: It really looks like you're trying to grow a mustache...
Mom: Let me look at it closer, I didn't even notice it do kind of look like Hitler.

So apparently I walked around all weekend looking like this. Minus the hair (well and the swastica, the outfit, and the scowl) and replacing it with some dry skin and a scab (that's a sick word).  

I also felt the need to tell almost everyone that I spoke to what happend just in case they stared at my face for longer than a 1/2 of a second just so they wouldn't think that I was sick with something.


  1. Ha! I can't believe your Mother told you that you look like Hitler. That's one I've never heard. Glad it is getting better!

  2. OH NO! meanies! I bought the groupon - so I'll keep you posted on the process... I guess I should call to schedule it, I'm being a baby! haha...