Tuesday, September 3, 2013

23 Weeks (August 25 - September 1)

This week was fairly uneventful.  I've still been feeling great and eating more and more, which is good, I guess...

I had a doctor's appointment on Friday and the scale is still climbing!  Ugh. I KNOW that I am supposed to be gaining weight, but just seeing the number creep up at every appointment is scary.  So far, I've gained 9 lbs.  I'm really scared that soon that number will double and I'll be even bigger.

I can definitely tell that I'm pregnant, but a lot of people recently have commented that I still don't look that big! Maybe I'm just not wearing the right things when they see me? The bump is there, for sure!

At my doctor's appointment, I also got a mole removed on my stomach.  I had my doctor look at it at my last appointment because it was irregular in shape and a little darker than normal and we decided to go ahead and remove it just in case it turned out to be cancerous.  The mole was on my stomach so it was a little weird having him remove it with the baby right there!

Friday night, Lincoln and I went to the KSU/NDSU game in Manhattan.  It was a balmy 105* on Friday.  We both left work a little early so we could go to So Long Saloon, which is THE BEST place to eat in Manhattan, in my opinion.  The best black bean dip and burgers ever.  I really wanted a Nancy, which is a beer with pineapple juice, but I couldn't partake this time around...

After we ate, we made it out to the game so that we could meet up with friends to tailgate a little before the game.  It was so sweaty.  I really think that every part of my outfit was wet. So gross.  Even though the game didn't turn out how we wanted, it was still a fun night!

Saturday, I got up and went to Kansas City to meet up with some friends from High School and College.  I had lunch at one of my favorites in my old neighborhood, got a mani/pedi, and then met up with a high school friend for the afternoon.

I met up with two college friends for dinner at my favorite Thai noodle restaurant, Lulu's on Saturday night.  SO GOOD.  I wanted some heat in my meal, so I had it made medium and then added a bunch of red pepper flakes after I got my meal.  Apparently it really woke up the baby! He was kicking and moving all over the place after dinner! 

On Sunday, my friends from KC (and Ft. Worth) hosted a baby shower for us.  It was fun to see everyone and to get some things for the baby's room!

This week the baby is the size of a grapefruit and measures about 10.5 - 11.8" long and weighs about 12.7 - 20.8 ounces.  Ears are starting to develop  and her face and eyes are forming.  He's more aware and is listening to my voice and heartbeat as well as to loud sounds, such as cars honking and dogs barking.  It is also more common for me to feel him move when he recognizes something familiar.

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