Monday, April 25, 2011

easter loot

Happy Easter (a few days late)!

I raked in the candy at our annual Easter Egg hunt over the weekend! 

Yes, even as adults, my cousins and I still have an Easter egg hunt and it's pretty cut-throat.  We compete for eggs and who has the largest bag of candy and money at the end of the day. 

Sadly I didn't win (but I was leaving some eggs behind for the 2 year old participating, duh).

I also ate my way through the entire weekend so I'm thinking that the gym is a MUST every day this week.

How was your Easter?  Did you have an Easter egg hunt??


  1. You guys are awesome. I wish we still did. Instead we hid eggs for my nephew and he hunted. Although I did steal a few pieces of his candy.

  2. fun!! sounds like a fun time! no egg hunt here, but the easter bunny left me a basket!! :-)

  3. yeah and we lost an egg too. i'm sure it will reveal its location in a few months.