Wednesday, April 27, 2011

like a rhinestone cowboy...

This is my dad. 

Those are his guns.

Have I mentioned before that he's weird?

Apparently, as the story goes, he got home from running one night, threw back on his work clothes (haphazardly-if you care to notice), and made my mom take a picture of him with all of his guns.

Let me just point out that my dad does not hunt.  He's a collecter of sorts.  So, I mean, why not take a picture with all of your guns?

It makes perfect sense.


  1. Did he run in those 80's shorts again?

  2. quite possibly...but since they moved into town, i think he's going to have to start updating his running wardrode to things a little more people-friendly, he's used to running on dirt roads where no one sees him...