Monday, April 4, 2011

lots of food and a 3 hour workout

Oh. Hai.

I'm here, just slacking lately.  Work is bussssy. My laptop at home decided it didn't like the wireless card that it came with, so the geek squad said I have to take it to Best Buy to have them send it in for it to be fixed.  Bummer.

Anywho, this weekend the weather in KC was to die for.

Not only did we go to the Royals game but they also won the series against the Angels!

Saturday morning Lincoln and I went to this event at my gym, which consisted of 30 minutes of each of the 5 classes that they offer, so around 3 hours of working out. 

Lincoln hated me Saturday.  Like there were daggers coming out of his eyes I think.

Luckily during the boxing class he could pretend that he was hitting me (ok, not really, but kind of...). 

I kind of told him that this event wouldn't be that hard (and I didn't really think that it would be, but I was wrong, it was a wee bit harder than I remembered from last year).

I'm used to the punishments that are my daily workouts though since I've been going to my gym and these types of classes for two years, he...not so much.

Our day started out with lots and lots of lunges and squats.  Then we had to go outside and run suicides uphill.  Then some more lunges and running.  And then a boxing class and kickboxing class. 

One of our classes were led by these two Chiefs players:
Casey Wiegmann

Ryan Lilja

Needless to say a long nap was in order after the longest workout ever.

Because we did the almost three-hour workout, we decided that we could apparently eat whatever we wanted all weekend.

Saturday night, we ate at Stroud's, home of pan-fried chicken.  It was sooo delicious.

Sunday we tried a new-ish burger place called brgr.  It was heavenly.

Does anyone else have a problem importing pictures from their iPhone?! Gaw. Mine never save how they're supposed to!

I got the classic brgr and added an egg.  I hadn't tried an egg on a burger before, so I decided to give it a shot.  It was very tasty.  I was convinced that I was going to be able to finish the entire thing but I could barely eat half.

After doing a little walking around and shopping, we decided that ice cream was in order since it was like 90* outside yesterday.

Then, after trying to cool off in my house a tiny bit we grilled outside before the storm rolled into town.

Overall it was a fab weekend, and it appears that spring is finally making it's way to Kansas!


  1. Hi Kristin:) Thanks so much for your sweet note!
    And oh my goodness am I dying to get to a baseball game! The royals are the closest team at 3.5 hours away! :(
    hopefully when we travel this summer!

  2. YUM!!!! even sideways it looks delish! I'm jealous of the weather. It snowed here last night!