Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i dislike my arms

It seems that no matter how hard I try, I can't get those sleek toned arms like Michelle Obama.  Gaw. 

Recently at the gym we were doing skull crushers, or lying tricep extensions, if you will, and I decided I'd step it up a bit and do as much weight as the guys were doing that night. 

It was only a 25 lb metal free weight and it seemed pretty easy in the beginning.  Then I let the thing slam into my head. 

Maybe that's why our trainer calls them skull crushers?

Anyway, because tank top season is quickly approaching, I think it's time to step up the arm workouts. 

It just so happened, that yahoo agreed with me today as they had this article posted online this morning.  While these seem easy, I think with all of the reps involved your little biceps will be feeling the burn.

My goal:


There was also this interesting article that I found a few weeks ago: 7 Secrets of Slim People and while I am by no means slim, I do follow a lot of the "secrets" that they suggest, such as: eating breakfast every day, working out in the mornings, drinking tea, and being a creature of habit. 

My one HUGE flaw: I suck at drinking water. 

Anyone have any grand ideas to make me chug more water throughout the day?! 


  1. I bought a few water bottles to keep in my fridge so I will always have cold water ready to go & I always carry a water bottle with me to work and fill it up throughout the day. Ive always just drank water & tea (hardly ever drink soda, maybe once or twice a month) Having the water bottles ready to go filled with cold crisp water def. makes it easier! :)

  2. thanks sara! i'm just bad at drinking anything period unless i'm at the gym! i don't drink soda either, so i don't really know how i stay hydrated...i'm probably just dehydrated constantly :(

  3. There are 2 times when I was constantly drinking A LOT of water - when I was pregnant and when I was breastfeeding. I was ALWAYS thirsty! Not that this helps you at all...
    But you could keep a Brita pitcher at your desk as a great big reminder!

  4. I just have daily goals, silly I know, but you get used to it! I just always do a glass with Bfast, then a cup of tea in the am and I must finish my 24 oz. before lunch. With food at lunch, it's easy to down another 24 oz and then I finish another by the end of the work day. Once I'm home, I drink more water with dinner and keep a glass by my bed at night. I pretty much love the stuff.

  5. Just think about all of the booze you'd like to consume tonight. That's what I do. Chug-a-lug goes the water so I'm hydrated for my bender. Good luck to you, sir.

  6. Oh, by the way, did you see that article on Yahoo yesterday about arm and upper back exercises? You probably already do all of those things, but it made me want to go buy some 2-pound weights. I'm very strong, after-all.

  7. jenny? is it the article that i posted above!?? heller? did you click on the link??

    thanks for all of the ideas on drinking water! i also think that if i brought some lemons or limes to work that i'd be more likely to drink water throughout the day.

  8. I want her arms too. I hate mine. I feel like they're huge and I think it's because I have no boobs to balance it out.

    My trick would be (if I followed my own advice): Chug a huge glass of water in the morning when you wake up. Then one right before lunch and right before dinner. That way you'll eat less and get 3 more glasses of water a day then you would otherwise. Let me know if it works ;)

  9. Wow. You must have been reading my mind as I keep thinking with the wedding creeping up, how disgusting my arms will look in my dress. I'll be taking pictures and my arms will be flapping in the wind. Oy.

    Maybe just pretend water is Cherry Coke Zero. Genius.

  10. get a camelbak water bottle, I love mine and its the only thing that helps in my water drinking. I drink 3 of those throughout the day and get in my 9 - 8oz servings of water... I don't know why this water bottle makes me drink water when others don't but I like to think its magic :)

  11. asj-i have one! it is the best and i agree, it does help in making me drink more...i even put some crystal light in sometimes, but i just suck at remembering to drink it throughout the day!

  12. I could honestly give a shit less about my arms... my stomach! My flabby stomach! That's what I want to tone but can't for the life of me. My arms have always been pretty thin but really weak... I can't do more than one pushup. For reals.

    I suck at drinking water too so what I try to do is just go to the sink once every hour or two and chug a glass of water. If I just try to sip I forget. I just schedule water drinking like it's a task.

  13. Her secret must be ... photoshop! Haha jeesh I wouldn't put it past a magazine but I hope not Michelle! I really do think she is a great woman! xox