Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sometimes i think my dog is a human

Isn't she so sweet?

This is where I find her when I get home from the gym in the mornings...all curled up under my comforter with her head resting on my pillow.  Just like a human. 

Not spoiled one single bit, I tell you.


  1. My dogs used to do the same thing. I crack up when they sit on the couch next to us though. Like they belong.

    Laila's little furry body is so cute. How could you not let her in bed.

  2. I just realized that my body comment made me sound like a dogophile...which I am not.

  3. oh my goodness she is so stinking cute!

  4. I have a co-worker who swears her dog thinks it is human as well. She has a little rat terrier and it will sit next to her on the couch while watching TV; not how normal dogs sit, but how humans sit: On her but/back with all four legs sticking out leaning back on the couch. It is pretty funny!

  5. what an adorable pup!!! love it!!