Thursday, April 7, 2011

it was one of those weekends…

After reading this, you might think that I was trying to kill Lincoln last weekend.  I swear, I had nothing to do with all of the things that happened to him (minus the lovely time we had at the gym).  Anywho, boyfriend couldn't catch a break!  Read on:

This past weekend was one, I can safely say, I’ve never experienced before in my life. Overall, I can’t complain too much, but there were three specific events that will make it very memorable.

Read Kristin’s last blog. She pretty much hit the nail on the head. One doesn’t realize how out of shape they are until they do five half-hour classes in a row! I know I’m not as young as I used to be, but that Saturday morning was BRUTAL!

Just so you know my legs are still recovering, (like still today, and it's almost been a week). My coworkers were making fun of me Monday for how slow I was walking. Seriously, a snail would’ve had a fighting chance against me that day.

The next day, I experienced what may have been one of the worst nosebleeds of all time.  At first, I thought all it was a runny nose. Then, after seeing what looked like a murder scene, I realized I had more pressing issues.

The strange thing is I my nose never bleeds. It caught me by total surprise. I’m still trying to figure out why it happened!

Apparently, at some point during the weekend, a spider or something bit me. I had noticed a red spot Saturday on my leg, but didn’t think much about it. By Sunday evening, it was hot to the touch and had gotten much larger.

By Monday, it was out of control. Like bigger than a softball.

I went to the doc that afternoon, where they gave me a shot. By the next morning, it was looking much better, but it was sooo strange!

Even with all the drama spread out over the weekend, I would still call it a successful one. I got to watch a Royals victory and had a great time with great company!


  1. That spider bite is scary. My boyfriend's mom got bitten once and it kept getting worse and worse and finally she went to the doctor and they freaked out because if she had waited another week or so they would have had to amputate her arm.

  2. Kristin you should shave your legs before you post photos like that ;)

    Yikes, you guys had a rough one for sure! Are you sure she didn't punch you in the nose?

  3. I wasn't sure from whose point of view I was reading so, Kristin, at first I thought it was yours and then I saw the hairy leg and became a little confused. I thought you shaved your gams quite regularly, but then I started thinking maybe you don't shave your thighs and I didn't want to judge. I've thought way too much about this post.

  4. (nikki-that's *exactly* what i was gonna say!)

    ugh. sounds like an awful weekend. BOOO!

  5.'re always stealing my comments! ;)