Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Aren't we the cutest things ever?!  That's me and my friend of like 28 years when we were little babes.  Apparently I thought sitting on her lap was a good idea.  I'm not so sure that she agreed though.  Love ya Ash! :)  Apparently this was her first day away from her mom for the whole's a wonder that she came back over after this day!

 I have a handful of people that I am still currently friends with that we've known each other since this teeny-tiny age, isn't that crazy!?  That's what growing up in a small town gets you!

It's also crazy that I've known my college buddies now for close to 10 years!  I guess they weren't too embarrassed by all of my crazy college  guys are the best and I love you to pieces!

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