Tuesday, October 26, 2010

home, sweet home.

I'm from a map dot; a stop sign on a blacktop...

That is totally a country song.  I didn't make that up myself just in case you were wondering, Tim McGraw did though.  But it is true.  Except that I live on a dirt road BUT it leads up to a stop sign on a blacktop, so that counts, right? Yes. 

I recently went home to help finish up harvest and I totally played a huge roll in harvest being done so early this year. 

I made my super secret chocolate chip cookies (OK, it's not so secret, it's the recipe on the back of the toll house (milk) chocolate chip package plus a small box of vanilla pudding just added into the mixture and it makes them soooo much fluffier and tastier, trust me on this one and try it on your own) that my dad requests when I come home and took them out to the field for all of the guys working that day.

And then I went and rode in the combine with one of my uncles who was cutting soybeans.  He wouldn't let me drive though...(ok, I didn't ask, but I don't think I could figure out all of the buttons and noises that were going on in the combine anyway).

And then I helped my dad unload the truck.

I was really good at this part which is why I got these pictures from the inside of the trailer.  As kids we used to play in the beans or corn and we'd end up with corn and beans everywhere.  But it used to be so much fun!  I would probably be too scared to do it now as an adult...

And then it all goes into the bin.  Like magic.

All in all it was a successful weekend.  I attempted my first batch of squash soup, rode in the combine, got in some fall shopping, and attended my aunt's 50th surprise birthday party.  It's always so fun to see family and being back home out in the country is the best; it's like time slows down for just a little bit and I'm not rushing around to get a million things done during the day.  Also, Laila loves being able to run around without her leash on--freedom!!


  1. I need to try that cookie recipe - they look amazing!

  2. Oh my Husband would be so jealous. He thinks he was a farmer in another life.

    Those cookies sound awesome I will definitely be trying that!