Thursday, October 28, 2010

We caught it.

Guess what this is:

Go, it's not dog poop. Duh.

IT'S THE MOLE!  Yippee!!!!!!

My neighbor (who was nice enough to "install" the mole trap in my yard also volunteered to remove it should we catch the little sucker) rang my doorbell yesterday afternoon (which makes my dog
batsh!t crazy) and told me that he had a present for me.  I was like "oh yay! what is it?!"

Then I realized that he was probably talking about something home related (also, side note: my neighbors are the greatest, they gave me a fertilizer spreader, they help me with yard work, and they watch my dog for me occasionally among other things.  Love.  In return I make my famous cookies, give them stuff from my mom's garden or buy them beer :)). 

My neighbor got really excited when he told me that he caught the mole.  "It was so cool!  It got him right in the head!  I put it in a plastic bag and hung it on the side of your house!!" Oh....ok! (insert awkward laughter)  One might ask why he didn't just put it in his trashcan, but we share trash and I keep the trash bin in my garage.

So, I had to get the little buddy in the bag off the side of my house.  Part of me was a little sad, I mean, yes I hate that it tore up my yard, but I don't like dead things.  I also had a really strong fear that it was going to come back alive and tear it's way through the bag. 

My neighbor seems to think that moles are territorial and that this is the only one that is tearing up my yard so cross your fingers that this is the one and only!!

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  1. Wow that is a nice neighbor! My Dad killed one with a pitchfork once and then brought it to the window to show me. Scarred me for life.

    Wait, that's not your giveaway is it?