Monday, October 18, 2010


Instead of going to the gym tonight, I decided to take my dog for a long walk and then gave this bottle of wine a run for its money.  I'm usually a red wine drinker but for some reason a riesling just sounded better; so much better that I came prettty close to not having any left for a party later this week.  Good work, team.

I'm also working on some new blogs, so bear with me.  I need to download some pictures from my weekend on the farm. :)  OH, and I need to convince my mom to send this picture off of her camera to me; my dad decided to try on the coach's shorts again and apparently they were too big.  Good news though: his shirt matched and my mom did a photo shoot.  Look forward to that.

Schmitt Sohne Relax Riesling

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  1. Mmm...I love Relax. You can find it pretty super-cheap at World Market. Speaking of, I totally need to go stock up ;)