Monday, November 15, 2010

the bird.

My parents are hi-larious.

My dad is quite the jokester, quite like myself, and unfortunately for my mom she gets the brunt of my dad's jokes.

Most of the time, my mom holds her ground and comes back with some clever one-liners, other times though, she resorts to flipping my dad the bird. 

Not only does she flip him off with the normal middle finger, but she's also cleverly come up with some secret code bird throwings. 

For example:

Three middle fingers. 

I think this is when she's kind of joking around and laughs off my dad's craziness.  This method is also kind of a secret way of letting my dad (or my sister or I or anyone for that matter) know that she's on the verge of getting pissed off.

It's also a good one to use if, say, we're in a restaurant and someone has said something that deserves to be flipped off, but in order to not draw attention to our table, the three middle fingers work better than just the plain old middle finger.

The pinky.

This is when she's a little more pissed and she shakes her fist a little more for the end user to know she means business with her non-verbal cussing.

The middle finger.

This is serious business, folks.  The mom is pissed. off. 

Or she could just be joking around and forgot to use one of the two above.

Anyway, if you should find yourself in a situation where flipping someone off is appropriate, feel free to use this handy guide above to give the bird a little change up, no one likes to see the same thing all the time. 

Try the three middle fingers. 

Or, if you're daring, the pinky.

Sure, people might ask you what the hell that means, but you'll know.  And that's all that matters.

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