Wednesday, November 17, 2010

friendsgiving 2010.

Happy Friendsgiving!!

Oh boy, it's that time of year again when it's time to host the Vista Thanksgiving, Floyd friends and Family Thanksgiving, er, Annual Thanksgiving (?) dinner at my house!!! (the name seems to change with every place that we've lived...)

  You see, this has been a long running tradition in my group of friends; every year since our sophomore year of college (that's like 7 years ago or something...whoa) we have gotten together before Thanksgiving to eat, drink, and be merry.

Each year, the group of friends changes slightly as people move away, boyfriends (or fiances...or husbands), or babies are had, but for the most part, the group has stayed the same over the last 7 or so years.  This year was no different; I hosted 20+ people (dogs and babies included) to our annual feast!

10 pounds of mashed potatoes? I don't mind if I do...

Hello plate of carbs.  Everything looks all one color on my plate, but trust me, there were plenty of other colors. Apparently, I only wanted to eat things in the neutral color family...(well, minus the cranberries, obv)

Ooopsie.  Action shot. You look good guys! Shovel that food in!! :)

Marla and I shared a romantical dinner by the window.  We apparently smelled or something because no one would sit with us. :(

We shared a few bottles of wine....

A few of us commented on how we're all growing up so nicely... We all used to be beer drinkers and we've gradually all grown up to love the red wine...ohh, what age will do to you.

Laila apparently drank too much and passed out. 

Or, she might have been tired from running the stairs in my house trying to get food from everyone...

Sweet little baby.  He hung out like this almost the whole entire night.  LOVE his little sweat suit with ears :)

Way to go friends on another successful Thanksgiving day feast!! 

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  1. You're smart, you know you have throw a little color in with those neutrals ;)