Friday, November 5, 2010

drumroll please....the giveaway is here!

Who's ready to shop?!

The lovely people at CSN are giving one of you lucky ducks a $35 gift certificate to go shopping!

There is so much to look at I don't even know where to start...

I could be the best daughter ever and look for new Dining room chairs for my parents new house; I could go crazy in the kitchen gadget area for my friends wedding shower; I could get some snow boots for my little dog Laila; or I could replace all of the ugly gold lighting in my house with brand new brushed nickel fixtures...the possibilities are endless on this website!

Oh, wait....I'm such a dingle, the gift card doesn't have my name on it; it belongs to one of you! :)

The drawing will go on for one week and one week only!!  After that, I will very scientifically choose a random winner.  
Here's what you need to do to enter:

1.  Visit the website

2.  Tell me what you would buy in the comment section below

3.  Leave me your email address in the comment section or send me an email with your email address included

(you can do this by clicking on my picture, under "about me" and then clicking on "email"; in case you win, duh)

4.  Tell all of your facebook or blogger friends to stop by and check out the drawing too.  It's obviously the cool thing to do.

The contest ends November 12th at noon so get busy! (the winner will be announced the morning of Monday, November 15th)

P.S.  CSN ships only to the US and Canada
(there MAY be international shipping charges for Canadian orders)


  1. Wait! I don't want to be #1...#1 never wins! I would buy outdoor lights. I'm married to an electrican and we don't have any!

  2. a bigger car seat for the little guy!

  3. I'd like a side table for our lonely sofa.

  4. love CSN - I'd probably put that towards a dutch oven, we really need one!


  5. Dear Friend,

    Since I apparently like to move quite often, I would use the money to buy a new TV stand. See, with my most recent move the movers were not so well educated in the art of “moving”. I have found several things broken as I unpack them, one being my TV stand. I would really like to spruce my new place up, hoping that just maybe someday my Kansas City friends will come and visit me.


    Your Columbus Pal.

    P.S. I’m pretty sure you have my email address!