Tuesday, November 30, 2010

diarrhea part deux

Not only did my dog have the squirts for the second night in a row, but when I gingerly placed the toilet paper and turds in the toilet last night, the toilet clogged up and I had to bust out the plunger.  Thank goodness I bought one of those things....

This reminds me of the one other time I had to use a plunger. 

Back in the day my old roommates and I had some friends visiting from college.  Everyone was getting ready to go out and one of the guys used my bathroom. 

Not a big deal...right?  Right. 

Until I got home later that night and much to my surprise there is a giant turd left in my bathroom toilet.  I KNOW he was the last one to be in my bathroom.  Besides, who doesn't flush? 

So, after saying a few expletives, I flush the toilet, or more accurately I tried to flush the toilet...much to my dismay, the water in the toilet was quickly rising, and along with it the turd. 

Luckily, somehow, the turd made it's way down the tunnel, but the water in the toilet found its way to my bathroom floor.  I have a very strong gag reflex so there was almost a little vom along with the toilet water. 

I was running around our apartment like a crazy lady trying to find the plunger.  For awhile when I couldn't find it, I was shoving a wire hanger down the toilet.  That didn't work so well. 

Sadly, I was the only one home to witness this mess as everyone else was still at the bar (stupid retail job).  I found the plunger, finally, shoved it down the toilet, and like magic, the water slowly went back down. 

Now, I only had to clean up this mess that was on my bathroom floor.  Luckily (I guess?) I had a few bathroom rugs scattered about so that sopped up most of the water and I was able to throw those into the wash.  After doing this I of course had to mop.  This was exactly why I came home early; to clean up poopy, toilet water....ugh, not so much...all I wanted to do was go to bed.

Oh well, it made for a good story as I was cleaning up I called everyone still at the bar to make the announcment of the giant turd I found in my toilet.

Thanks Buddy!  I loved cleaning up after your floater!


  1. Oh my god! You kill me with your stories; I cracked up too loud at work and everyone wanted to know your story! :)

  2. Who was it that left that little present for you???