Monday, November 29, 2010

did someone call the fire department?

A few years ago, a few of my friends and I were staying at our friends Jess and Matt's house out of town to go to a wedding.

As per any wedding rules, we all had a few too many drinks the night before.

After waking up the next morning and grabbing some breakfast we noticed that there was some beeping coming from something in the dining room.  By process of elimination we figured out that it was either the smoke alarm or the carbon monoxide dectector. We were hungover and not thinking clearly...ok?

Matt, of course, was busy at work being a fire fighter so it was up to us girls to figure out what to do.  The beeping WOULDN'T STOP! 

We tried pushing buttons and probably hitting the things, but nothing would work.  I had to go to work on that particular Sunday morning so I decided to hop in the shower to get a headstart on getting ready in case the house was going to blow up or something.

About halfway into my shampoo one of the girls knocked on the door to let me know that the fire department was on the way.  Awesome; just where I want to be when some potentially cute fire fighters were on their way over. 

I quickly finished my shower so that I could at least be in some clothes when the Topeka FD arrived.  After getting dressed and throwing a towel on my head to help my hair dry quicker, I made my way outside. 

As I arrived outside, I was greeted by the rest of the girls who were all sporting their PJ's and bed hair.  All except for my friend Marla.

Marla was standing outside with a bag of stuff perched on a stairstep ratting her hair.   For real. 

I mean, I barely was able to throw on any clothes and she's out there with her make up brushes, hairspray, a mirror and a ratting comb.  Mar was just concerned about looking hot for the firemen on their way to Jess' house. 

As luck would have it the Topuka Fire Department didn't have any hotties working, so Mar's work was all in vain.  Good try though, buddy.  Better luck next time?

Wow. This is a really old picture.  I know this because a) my hair is short and blondish and b) because that dress is from college.  Yikes.  I guess Monica and I were serenading Marla at the wedding reception.  My guess is that it sounded really good.  The time on this picture should give you some indication of how long we drank on this day...oy.

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