Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloweiner recap. get it? weiner? because i have a weiner dog.

ohmygoodness.  Isn't she so cute?  She sat by the door all night waiting for trick or treater's in her bat costume.

First place, baby.  Richard Simmons sweatin to the oldies! these are my work peeps. Richard (aka jenny) led us in a sweaty workout regime in front of most of our company.  Everyone LOVED it.

So, now that Halloween is over with, it's time to start thinking about when to decorate for Christmas. 

I have been well aware that Christmas is right around the corner because the grocery store has Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist back in stock.  If you haven't tried this stuff, you're seriously missing out.  It screams that the holiday's are right around the corner.

ALSO, a few of the radio stations in town are playing Christmas songs already.  It's still a little too early, even for me (however, I did sing along with Celiene Dion to Oh Holy Night on my way home from work today).

So since Christmas is slowly approaching and it's almost time for me to bust out my ginormous tree, I also need to start figuring out what kinds of cookies I'm going to pass out to the neighbors on their holiday plates (Mon-can you move back to help w/ holiday baking please? thx) and find my Elf dvd so that I can start watching it on a semi-regular basis.


  1. OH my goodness. What a darling little wiener ;)

    I may have already told you this, but I've always wanted two doxies and was going to name them Vinnie and Tony.

  2. 1. I bought Diet Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist at the grocery store 2 weeks ago-I almose cried when I saw it. Best thing ever.

    2. I have had my radio station tuned to 102.1 since November 1 at 6:45 am (on my way to work) and it will not be changed until Dec. 26 (the saddest day ever) except for the occassional rare peek in on The Rocket and Theresa Show.

    3. Since I do not have my own place to decorate (sad. and it would have been done already. even sadder.) I will come help you with yours. Please and Thank you.

    4. Holiday Baking! Hooray! I will come help.

    5. You have no say in whether or not I come help with both 3 and 4.

    6. You smell like beef and cheese.