Tuesday, December 21, 2010

27 dresses. or something like that.

Remember that movie with Katherine Heigl?  The one where she's a bridesmaid 27 times? 

I am almost that girl.

I've been in A LOT of weddings. You'd be thinking that my time should almost be up; that my wedding would be right around the corner, right??  But boy are you wrong....yikes.

I love weddings.  And I'm hoping that eventually I'll have one of my own, but for now I'm still enjoying going to and being a part of my friends weddings.

I can count the number of weddings that I've been in on three hands.  Pretty crazy, huh?  And I still have a lot of single friends...

With the number of weddings that I've been in has come a nice collection of dresses, shoes, and jewelry.  What is one to do with all of the dresses that you acquire from weddings?!

For now, they're just occupying space in my office closet...and actually, I'm reusing one in a wedding coming up this summer, so I guess I'm glad that I've kept them around!

I feel like the best side of myself really comes out at wedding receptions. 

For some reason, I feel like I should drink obscene amounts of alcohol and then proceed to sing, dance, and do stupid stuff in my wedding garb.

Let me explain in a few pictures:

At my friend's Jess & Matt's wedding, I performed some lovely and touching, I might add, singing for the party-goers. 

I also performed this cool trick with 2 bottles of beer.  So classy.

After the reception we went to a few bars in Ft. Worth and I decided to take my bouquet along with me.  I then proceeded to feed berries off of my bouquet to random strangers in the bar that night...

At Nicki & Matt's wedding, I found a giant bottle of champagne that I thought everyone needed to drink out of.  So I made them.  Later in the night, I proceeded to fall in the parking lot.  In my dress.  In February. 

Here we are at the bar looking really special.  I love the nice spill down the front of my dress.  Good work!

At Shannon & Ryan's wedding I did some really fancy dancing, something that I probably learned off of TV or back from my jazzercise days.  That's my friend Medina and I (Medina is her last name contrary to popular belief...); we were the ones doing the fancy dancing at the wedding that everyone was jealous of.

I also had a nice arrangement going on with the photographer where I would come up with some awesome shots for pictures and then make him take it of me and a few of the other bridesmaids.  Mind you I was sober at this point.  I just have mad persuasion skillz.  Isn't this one nice with the stained glass in the background?  I thought so.

And once again, had a mild obsession with my bouquet.  I brought it with me everywhere and then tried feeding it to people at the bars later that night.
Mel & Stephen gifted me a brand new harmonica for being in and planning their wedding (and also a B.A. camera for being their wedding slave.  JUST KIDDING GUYS! I loved planning your wedding :))

You might be saying to yourself, "I had no idea Kristin could play the harmonica..."  and you'd be right, I have no idea how to play.  They just thought that giving me one would make me do crazy things at their reception and they were right. 

Everyone at the reception might have played the harmonica that night. 
I think the DJ enjoyed it most.  Did you know you could play the harmonica to Sir Mixalot's I like Big Butts? Yeah, me neither.  But I did.  And it was awesome.  

Here's the groom enjoying some time with the harmonica.


The harmonica may have been one of the best purcahses/gifts ever.  I carried taht puppy around in my purse for months afterwards and would bust at out at any given opportunity just to spice things up a bit.   


  1. this post was amazing, love the pictures and stories - and that's awesome that you're getting to use one of the dresses again in another wedding!

  2. Hahahahaha! I love this post! So funny to see you in all those different dresses.

    You should've come to my wedding, we had a tequila tasting bar ;)