Wednesday, December 29, 2010

new years, shmoo years

So, for I don't know how long, New Years has been one of my least favorite holidays.  EVER.

I have had some good ones mixed in with the bad ones, but for the most part, the night over all has just been one where I would've preferred to stay in my sweats instead of getting all gussied up to go to some bar that I normally wouldn't go to.

So much hype is built up around the holiday and my plans usually end up bombing.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Maybe I'm the only one?

Anywho, this year I decided to pack my bags and leave on a jet plane to visit some friends in the great state of Texas.  You know them.  I've written about them before.  Here and here. 

I am determined to make this the best NYE ever. (If only this stupid cold would disappear...) 

OK, maybe not the best ever, but we are going to have a good time, that's for sure.  With plans already made to visit one of my favorite Mexican places ever (which I will for sure write about later) and a concert later in the night, how could things go wrong? (Seriously I hope I didn't jinx our plans...)

With a new year quickly approaching, it seems only fitting to come up with some goals...except I have no motivation to do that...

I mean sure, I want to lose a little more weight, volunteer more, be a better person, and all that jazz, but I don't feel like there are any ground breaking things that I should put on a list to do this year.   

My gym however, is doing a great promotion where if you sign up for this "Biggest Loser" like challenge you have the chance to win a free year of membership.  How great would that be?!  So if you see me stuffing my face even more than normal in the next few days, just know that I'm trying to pack on a few pounds for the weigh in.  OK?

Since I wasn't able to come up with a riveting list of goals for 2011, I thought you'd all like to see some lists that my old roommate and I made up a couple of years ago. 

We had to revise them a few times so that we'd actually meet the goals, but as you'll see, we took these very seriously.  Only two of the goals weren't reached (after revisions)...we gave it a good try!

Goals for 2009

1. Get Married
Lofty goal? I think not...

2. Win the lottery
One would probably have to buy lottery tickets to win the lottery, right?

3. Invent something
Solid goal, now to just come up with the brilliant idea.

4. Start/Star own TV show
I know we'd have a huge audience watching this.

5. Learn to fly
Umm...I mean why wouldn't we have this as a goal...

6. Compete in Ironman
I think this was the year that a few of our friends were competing in an Ironman and we thought to fit in and talk with them that we should probably try one out ourselves.  Without training.

7. Write a book or movie
This kind of goes with being in our own TV show. It just makes sense.

8. Record an album/win American Idol
We both have beautiful singing voices so why not?  Plus I don't know how many people called to see if I was going to the KC tryouts of AI.  Jus sayin (and in my head I think they were being totally serious).

9. Enter/win a food eating contest
We love food.  And we can put it away.  Plus all of those people that do food eating contests and are good at them are generally pretty small. 


1.  Get Married
I mean, it could still happen...people barely know each other a month and they get married.  We were giving ourselves like 8 months.

2.  Win the lottery Win things
Our chances of winning something is sure to go up with this vague goal.

3.  Invent something Invent something/keep the cilantro plant alive
I mean, inventing something and keeping a plant alive are similar, right? 

4.  Start/star in own TV show
Persistence is key here.  Too bad we didn't know anyone in showbiz; they would've loved us.

5.  Learn to fly Meet a pilot
This should have been easy enough...

6.  Compete in Ironman Compete in a 5K
I think a 5K is a good place to start training for an Ironman, right?

7.  Write a book or movie Read 1 book
Easy peasy. As long as no one is counting pages...

8.  Record an album/win American Idol Record commercial jingle
So maybe the album idea was a little too much...

9.  Enter/win a food eating contest Win food eating contest
So...maybe we should have looked up where food competitions actually take place to achieve this goal.


1.  Get Married
Our goal probably should have been: keep a boyfriend for longer than three months.   Oy. 

2.  Win the lottery Win Things
I won a new pair of shoes at my gym!

3.  Invent something Invent something/keep the cilantro plant alive Keep Moxie alive
Moxie is Monica's dog...if we couldn't keep her alive, we were in serious trouble.  I'm notorious for killing plants, so the cilantro plant didn't make it...the cilantro plant was meant to save us big $$ at the grocery store since we bought it every week, but it was waaaaaay harder to grow than we originally thought.

4.  Start/Star in own TV show
Well...this didn't happen either although it probably really should have.  We are really entertaining most of the time.  Or at least we thought so?

5.  Learn to fly Meet a pilot Go on a plane
So the learning to fly thing didn't work out.  And neither did meeting a pilot.  But I did go on a plane a few times back in '09.

6.  Compete in Ironman Compete in a 5K Take Moxie for a walk around the block
To be fair, I'm 99% sure I competed in at least 1 5K that year...but who's counting?  And I definitely took Mox around the block.  She put on some winter weight. 

7.  Write a book or movie Read 1 book
This could have been the year that I joined a book club, so obviously I read more than one book...or maybe I did just read one book and pretended like I read the other books my book club read?  I do this even with my new book club...I mean, who really joins a book club to read?

8.  Record an album/win American Idol Record commercial jingle Play the harmonica at a wedding
Duh. This happened.  And I rocked it.
9.  Enter/win a food eating contest Win food eating contest
Bake 40 wedding cakes for a wedding
Monica did this.  For one wedding (they had individual cakes at each of the tables).  She's kind of a badass.  Good thing her culinary schooling is going to good use!

Happy New Year, everyone!  Here's hoping yours goes better than my last few years! See ya in 2011!


  1. I seriously have the same issues with New Years. I feel like we were always trying to find the best thing to do, and would end up ringing in the new year in the car on our way somewhere. Then my Grandpa had to die one new years and now I have a bit of chip on my shoulder about the whole thing ;)

    This year we have a wedding though! So I'm ready to put the past behind me.

    Have a fun, SAFE time! Happy New Year!

  2. I love your list! Can't wait to see what 2011's list will be. Is said restaurant perhaps, Joe T Garcia's? My absolute favorite place, too! Have a great trip!

  3. These are the some of the best resolutions I've seen! So funny! Love this post!