Monday, December 13, 2010

weekend recap

My cousin Kole graduated from Kansas State this weekend. He was so excited!

He and one of his cousins had a joint party at a bar in Manhattan together.  Most of my family was there, so it was fun to catch up with everyone and to drink and dance the night away!

This is my second plate of food....for some reason, my first plate decided to do a backflip on the floor, my dress, and on my new Uggs.  Oy.

This is part of my first plate of food.  Nothing like ranch and greasy meat on my boots....

I was so worried about wearing my new boots in a bar for fear that some drunk person would spill a drink on me....then I go and spill a plate on my boots myself.  Sober. 

The bar that the party was held at specializes in fish bowls, which is basically a BUNCH of different kinds of alcohol, and like sprite and grenadine...or something.  I didn't participate as these things made me sick a few times in college so I stuck to my old standby: beer.

My mom and sister apparently really enjoyed them though!

The bar also had a shot wheel.  I tried really really hard to get my uncle to participate.  But he wouldn't.  I even said I'd pay for it!  But no luck...

My brother in law then started doing some really awesome dancing on the pool table.  It was really good and really showcased his dancing skills.

The dancing continued with my sister. I think they practice at home... 

The three of us really were showing everyone up on the "dance floor".  My sister, cousin Danyelle and I did some fancy feet, running man, and a lot of really awesome hand movements.  People were jealous. 
Because of all of our dancing we were starving after leaving the bars.  All that Danyelle wanted was a dang quesidilla from Taco Bell.  Since cabs to Taco Bell were few and far between, we walked to Buffalo Wild Wings instead.  As luck would have it, they had quesadillas! 

Between the five of us I think we ordered around 30 wings, 2 orders of fries, a buffalo chicken wrap, and obviously the quesadilla.  We were hungry! Geesh!

To top it off, Josh thought that he wanted 24 wings on his own.  Luckily I convinced our waitress that he only needed 12.
Since Josh was so hungry, he ate a whole 1 wing.  Good call on the 24, buddy :)  So needless to say we had quite a few leftovers...

Did I tell you that it decided to get super cold in KS this weekend?  Oh, no?  IT DID.  It was below freezing and snowing.  Since the cabs in Manhattan are difficult to come by, we decided to walk back to our hotel.  In the freezing, blowing cold.  With our leftovers.  It was so cold!

My sister forgot that she put the wings in her purse until the next morning when she was getting her phone out.  Much to her surprise, she pulled out 11 wings!  And some ranch!

Mmm...I love ranch.  But ranch and buffalo sauce in the morning are not a good combination.  I was gagging.
After she cleaned that out, we made our way to Lawrence to meet up with my mom's side of the family to do an early Christmas.  It was fun getting to see that side of the family that we don't get to see that often!

Upon arriving back to my house I walked inside to my own personal sauna.  It was a good 110* inside of my house and everything, I mean EVERYTHING was hot to the touch.  The staircase railing, kitchen cabinet handles, the toilet seat, everything was so hot.

I started freaking out a little because I had no idea what was going on and my thermostat wouldn't turn off even though I switched it to off, the hot air just kept coming out of the vents!  Luckily Kim and Josh were still around so they were able to help me problem solve...

Apparently my thermostat has batteries...who knew?! 

After changing those puppies I cracked a window to get some of the heat out (I know that it was like 6* out yesterday but you have no idea how hot my house was!  We couldn't breathe it was so hot) and picked up my dog from my friend Becky's house.  Luckily I was only gone for one night...who knows how hot my house could've been...I'm really looking forward to that heating bill...

Apparently Laila was quite the watch dog at Becky's house!


  1. That photo of your Mom and Sister with the fishbowl cracks me up. Sounds like the perfect binge drinking weekend with family ;)

    And now I want wings. 24 of them.

  2. Oh fun times to be had by the McCauley clan! Glad you all were able to get some good dancing and laughs in!