Thursday, July 4, 2013

11 weeks (June 2-9)

This week was only a two day work week for Lincoln and I as we decided a few weeks ago to take a little vacation to San Antonio for a few days! 

For some reason, well this blogger, mostly, I really wanted to go to Charleston, SC.  We looked into it, but flights were ridiculously pricey, so we decided that we could go to San Antonio for half the price and still be able to walk everywhere and eat a lot. :)

We flew in early Wednesday morning, checked into our hotel and ate lunch at Acenar, a cute little Mexican restaurant on the River Walk.  They are known for their hand-shaken margaritas.  Lincoln had one and I enjoyed a delicious virgin mojito.  Birds LOVE this part of town.  They would basically fly right up to your table and eat chips out of your basket.  I made friends with this poor little pigeon who had something caught on its foot.  I felt so bad and really wanted to try to help it, but then I realized that it may try to eat my hand or something so I just continued giving it sad faces and hoped that that would help...

It was HOT the first day we got there.  We walked around the River Walk for a few hours just to get our bearings and to see if there were any places we wanted to try for dinner.  After doing some walking around, we decided it was time for a nap since we had an early flight that morning.  Our hotel had a happy hour every evening which included free drinks and snacks, so we took advantage of that every night we were there!

I knew that I wanted to try Boudros on the River Walk from reading some reviews on Yelp before the trip, so we ate there for dinner.  It was very good, but our server was not, and Lincoln's pretty sure he messed up his order!  They had the BEST tomato, basil salad and I could have been fine just eating more of that for dinner than the shrimp and grits that I got! 

Thursday we got up and walked to the Alamo.  Before we went to the actual Alamo, we went to an IMAX movie about the Alamo so that we would have a better idea of what we were going to see later in the day.  As much as I would like to say I remember about grade school history...I just could not remember much about what happened at the Alamo, so this was a good refresher!

We also walked to the market square which reminded us of the little shopping centers in Mexico, sat at the pool for an afternoon, did the boat tour of the River Walk, took some naps, and ate a lot of good food.  It was a fun little trip and we enjoyed a few days away from work. 

On this trip, my obsession for tomato, mozzarella, and basil salads kept growing, as well as my love of watermelon.  I still didn't eat much meat, pretty much all fruit, veggies, and fish (and ice cream), but I felt really good for the entire trip.  The last afternoon there, I started feeling a little sick and having a delayed flight in Dallas didn't help matters.  Luckily I grabbed a few snacks, otherwise it could have been barf city.

We have gradually been telling more and more people as the weeks go on...we're just waiting for the next doctors appointment for when we'll hear the heartbeat.  After that, we won't have many reservations about making our news public knowledge!

This week the baby is the size of a lime and is about 1.6" long and has about a 1:1 head to body ratio.  The baby weighs in at about .25 ounces and is forming tooth buds, hair follicles and nail beds.  The skin is see-through, but is starting to look more like a baby.  The fingers and toes are no longer webbed and it's moving around fluidly and gracefully in there even though I can't feel it!

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