Thursday, July 4, 2013

6 weeks (April 28-May 5)

Uh. Hello morning sickness.  I still haven't actually gotten sick, but I've been naseous all day, every day.  It's not fun.  Nothing sounds good to eat.  I've been loading up on carbs.  One day all I ate were English muffins, Sprite, and saltines.

I had to breakdown and tell one of my coworkers this week because she kept noticing how often I would go to the bathroom, that I was complaining about not feeling well all day, and that I was kind of being a bitch. 

She had said it a few times already that she thought I was pregnant, so when I walked in one day not feeling well again, she was like "why don't you just go home?!" I finally had to tell her that I would probably be feeling like this for a few more weeks...

On top of not feeling well, not really having an appetite for anything but carbs, and being constantly tired, my face decided to break out like a teenager this week and become super oily. I love it.

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