Thursday, July 4, 2013

7 weeks (May 5-12)

Waaaaaaaaa. I feel like crap.  ALL. THE. TIME.  Morning sickness is a big fat lie.  It's all day.  I don't know what's worse, feeling like crap and not puking or just getting straight to the puking.  Either way it sucks.  I still haven't puked, but feeling naseous all day long is terrible.

On top of feeling like crap all day, at work I might add, I get home and want to do nothing more than lie on the couch all evening.  I've been making myself at least take the dog for a few longer walks during the week, but otherwise, I just don't feel up to anything! 

Thank goodness my husband is the best.  He's been on top of mowing the yards (yes, we still have two houses), helping me clean, do laundry, and pretty much cooking for himself, since I can really only manage to eat foods from the carb family.

This week we visited our doctor for the first time.  I have to admit I was a little nervous! I didn't think I would be, but as soon as they started taking my blood pressure, the nerves hit!  I wasn't exactly sure what was going to happen at this appointment, so I think that made me a little bit nervous. 

Basically at our first appointment we just met with our doctor, he explained a few things, and that was about it.  He said that he normally doesn't like to check for the heartbeat this early as it can freak everyone out if you don't hear it right away.  We set up our next appointment where we would get to hear it though!  Unfortunately, that appointment is over seven weeks away!

With mother's day coming up at the end of this week (May 12th), we decided it would be a good time to fill our parents in on our little secret.  We had brainstormed a few ideas of how we would tell them...I came up with an awesome idea using some of our family pictures we just had taken.  We told my parents first.

We went over one evening after my parents had invited me over for a drink...we were chatting about something and they asked what I wanted to drink.  Instead of answering I handed my mom a framed picture of the pic below.  All my mom could say was: "what?! are you serious?! is this for real? seriously? is this real??!" Then she showed my dad and he replied "well, good congratulations! It's about time, people have been're not getting any younger you know..."  "So, when can I start telling people?" 

After explaining that it was too early to tell people, my dad finally agreed to keep our secret for a little longer.  We also had graduation parties coming up that weekend where I knew alcohol would be involved, so I knew if I didn't tell my parents prior to the parties that they'd know something was up!

Friday evening we took Lincoln's parents out for dinner for mother's day and invited them over to our house before dinner.  We gave his parents a similar picture, but one of just Lincoln and I.  His mom was like "Oh, that is nice.  Oooooooooooooooooh!"  It took a minute for his parents to see that there was an extra child in the picture. :)

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