Thursday, July 4, 2013

13 weeks (June 16-23)

This week we celebrated father's day by having two of my aunts from Iola come up for a visit.  It was a fun weekend and the first time that we've been able to let them know that we were expecting. 

I also started feeling like my pants were getting a little bit tighter this week...a few times I've had to leave a button unbuttoned or use a rubberband in my buttonhole to keep my pants up.  It's been lieu of this I decided I needed a date night (by myself) at Target and Panera.  It was really just what the doctor ordered.  I found a few fat shirts, a flowy dress, and got to eat my heart out at Panera.

I've been getting super annoyed this week that we still haven't heard the babies heartbeat.  When we went to our first appointment back around week 7 or 8, our next appointment was made and we couldn't get in until June 28th (our doctor was on vacation for like 2-3 weeks), which would put me at just around 15 weeks when we go in for our second appointment!  That seemed like FOREVER to wait, especially if you're not sure if things are cooking along ok inside with the baby.

I contemplated going in a few times to have them check, but decided to wait it out. Hopefully everything goes well next week!

This week flew by.  Thursday night I didn't sleep a wink.  I have no idea why. I tossed and turned all night long and finally decided to give the couch a try...that didn't help, so I went back up to our bed.  I still don't think I fell asleep, so Friday was a little rough for me.

Friday I had to work super late becuase we had a community appreciation dinner after work that went until about 9pm.  I had to get up early Saturday to go to Kansas City for a bachelorette party and to meet up with my old co-workers for lunch at Blue Koi (MY FAVE!)

After lunch, I met up with the bachelorette group to go pole dancing.  Just what a preggo wants to do! I didn't participate, but they almost made me pay to just watch! Ugh! Luckily I talked my way out of it and I didn't have to, but I was super annoyed that they'd make me pay to just sit and watch when I clearly had no intentions of doing anything on the pole.  After pole dancing we went back to the hotel to go to the pool--again something I was really looking forward to--getting in a swimming suit feeling like a fat sow!

After we spent some time at the pool and opened gifts we went to dinner at Power & Light and then went to Howl at the Moon.  I managed to stay out until around 11.  It was a long few days for me! I decided early on that I would get my own hotel room with the thinking that everyone else would be coming home later and probably be really drunk.  I think it was a smart idea because they didn't get home until around 3 or 4 in the morning!

I also got to meet my friend Trish and Dan's baby, Nora and she is adorable!

The baby is the size of a peach this week and is about 2.9" long and weighs about .81 ounces.  The head is about 1/3 the size of the body.  The baby already has fingerprints and the vocal cords are already forming

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