Thursday, July 4, 2013

15 weeks (June 30-July 7)

Besides getting to hear the heartbeat last Friday, this week was pretty uneventful...

We did make an announcement on Facebook that turned out to be a HUGE flop!  I put up the picture that I gave to my parents, the family picture with the extra baby in it, and no one was getting it!  Everyone kept saying what a great picture it was, but no one mentioned the huge baby at my feet!

I had to repost the post that I put up earlier and explain that the baby would be making an arrival in December.  After that, people commented and said they wondered if that's what we were hinting at.

I really wanted to put up this picture:

I morphed a picture of Lincoln and I together to see what our baby might look like.  That's what the internets thought...I have no idea where the curly dark hair would come from?!

We went to Lawrence for a friends 30th birthday party and I even managed to go to the bars and stay out past 10:30!  Impressive!  After staying out late (and Lincoln attending a bachelor party the night before) we were both exhausted on Sunday.  We took a nap and went to bed early and still woke up tired!

I still feel like I've been extra cranky or emotional lately, so I've been trying to keep to myself at work and after work just in case I say something or do something I don't mean to do.  Damn hormones.

Occasionally I feel like my gut is sticking out more on certain days than others...other days, I feel like it's just my normal bloated pooch. Lovely.

On Saturday, I celebrated my 31st birthday. Man, that seems old! I didn't have a hard time with 30 at all, but for some reason 31 seemed a little tougher. I think part of it had to do with the fact that we had a busy weekend and I kind of felt like my birthday was going to get overlooked....I'm a baby, I know this.

On Friday, Lincoln let me open my gifts early, he got me a pretty bouquet of flowers and Season 3 of Modern Family. We could watch Modern Family all.the.time. Lincoln didn't used to watch it, but now he's hooked!

We had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Friday night for our friends, Nick and Chelsea's wedding. Then we celebrated their wedding pretty much all day Saturday. They had great weather, except for the little bit of rain that happened right as the wedding was over and we were heading out for outside pictures! Luckily it let up and we proceeded like normal!

Lincoln and I slept in a little Saturday morning and then walked down to the coffee shop in town, the Daily Perk, for breakfast. It was fun to be able to walk to grab food and to eat something other than cereal or toast that morning!

This week the baby is the size of a navel orange.  It's weighing in at 2.5 ounces and measures about 4 inches.  It is growing proportionally and the legs outmeasure its arms.  The baby is making lots of progress and its joints and limbs can all move now.

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