Thursday, July 4, 2013

5 weeks (April 21-28)

Being pregnant in the early months is hard.  You can't really tell anyone. You don't really feel normal, but otherwise, nothing is really different besides knowing there is something growing inside of you. 

Oh, and the really sore boobs.

And the constant burping (but that's kind of normal for me...).

And not being able to have a glass of wine for dinner.

But otherwise, I have felt pretty good.  I'm usually ready for bed around 8:30, but otherwise, I've felt pretty OK.

I couldn't keep my big mouth shut for too long, so I ended up having to tell a couple of friends and my sister.  I almost slipped to my parents when they invited me over for dinner. 

My dad was grilling and asked if I wanted a drink. I said no.  He proceeded to tell me that he'd get me a bottle of wine.  I just said no, I'm fine.

A little while later, my mom got home and asked if we were having drinks with dad replied, well, I am, but Kristin doesn't want anything for some was SO hard for me not to say, will be another 8 months or so before I can have another drink...

We went out for Mexican one night before our nieces and nephew's dance recital expecting to get a basket of chips and salsa right away, unfortunately, we sat there for about 10 or 15 minutes without chips and salsa or water. I think I had gone a little too long without having a snack and I thought I was going to barf all over the table.  We ended up leaving after 15 minutes and high-tailing it over to Sonic to grab a snack before the dance recital.  That was a close call.  I could feel the puke at the back of my throat...sick.

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