Monday, January 31, 2011

dear girl that i follow to work most mornings,

Oh. Hi. It's me! 

That girl that gives you the bitch face most mornings as I drive around you in the right hand lane. 

That would be the lane that is not made for passing. 

Right, because you're trolling along in the lane that's made for passing going about 20 under the speed limit.

Anywho, just wanted to give you a heads up about proper road etiquette.  That lane that you're driving in; that's the PASSING LANE.  Or the fast people lane.  You; you don't drive fast.  You drive like a Grandma.  And I know you're not a Grandma, you're like my age (which is far from being a Grandma, mmmk?).

Also, I don't appreciate your stink eye as I drive around you in the non-passing lane.  People wouldn't be so pissed off at you if you'd learn how to drive the speed limit (or maybe a few over it).

Maybe you can't see that I'm flailing my arms at you or cursing at you or sometimes flashing my lights at you because you have that big stupid decal taking up your back windshield. 

Or maybe you think you need to drive slow because you have a huge crack in your front windshield.  I don't know what your deal is.

Either way, get your shit together and learn how to drive.

The girl in the Murano that doesn't like you very much.


  1. OOh you have a Murano? Do you like it? I can't stand people like that. You get pulled over for being one of those people in my State. Wait you get pulled over for everything in my State ;)

  2. i love my murano! so fun to drive and it makes me feel like a grown up.

    i wish people would get pulled over for that in my state. i think they're supposed to but it never happens. of course if it did, i'm sure that i'd also get pulled over for being an aggressive driver or something equally as crappy.