Wednesday, January 5, 2011

wednesday weigh in.

I haven't quite decided how I'm going to do this yet...I mean the Lord knows I don't want ya'll knowing how much I really weigh...however, I'm really trying to be more mindful about what I'm eating and how much I'm working out, so I feel like if I broadcasted all of my business out for everyone that you'd all keep me in check, right?

In one of my Health magazines, one girl blogged about her weight loss by including a picture of herself in a bikini every week.  I will not be doing that, thank you very much.  BUT, it kept her on track.

Last week I mentioned that my gym was doing a fitness challenge, which runs for 12 weeks.  On Monday I weighed in at my gym and it was NOT pretty.

I mean I kind of expected it to not be so great since I'd been eating whatever the hell I've wanted for the past oh, I don't know how long, but I felt like my workouts would've counter-balanced things a little better (maybe my little gym hiatus played a part in this weigh in...). 

It wasn't so much my weight that I was shocked about but more my metabolic age (whatever that is...) and my percent body fat.  I'm still in the healthy range, but it just sounded high!  Yikes.

Anyway, I don't know exactly what my goals for the weight loss portion of the challenge will be (except to win a free year of membership at my gym) but I am doing a few things differently about what I eat. 

For example, I am writing down everything that I eat on this website: My Fitness Pal.  They even have an app for your phone.  I've done this in the past and it really helps you see how many calories you're actually eating every day and not how many you think you're eating.

Today sucked.  It was my off day at the gym and so my calories for the day were substantially lower than the past few days...I even ate a salad for lunch, and special K for breakfast, but somehow...I only have a few hundred calories left for dinner (which sucks because I'm going out to eat at a new place tonight.  I'll probably eat whatever I want though...)

I've also made it a goal to get up at least 4 out of 5 mornings to work out and then at least once over the weekend (depending on my schedule). 

AND FINALLY, I'm making it a goal to only eat out 3 times a week; and that includes the weekend.  I wish I hated trying new food and restaurants.

Anyway, be looking for updates about this fitness challenge that I've put myself on.  Hopefully I don't gain any more--that would suck to post about that.


  1. Have you looked into the Paleo or Primal eating plans at all? I just don't understand how Special K is healthy, besides the fact that it is low cal. That would not fill me up at all and I hate counting calories. Weight is just a number, it's all about how you feel. When I go to yoga regularly and things start to tighten up, I feel fantastic and could care less what I weight. Okay fine I care a little...but a lot less ;)

    Good luck dear, you can do it!

  2. It sounds like you have the right ideas, just have to put them into action now! you can do it! :)

  3. Right there with ya sister! I want to look SUPER fab in a wedding dress so we'll do this together!