Friday, January 28, 2011

food on friday

This week is Restaurant Week in KC.  Which pretty much means, pick the most expensive restaurant in the city and go to it because you can eat for cheap!

This year my girlfriends and I chose the American Restaurant for our girls night out. 

I was a little nervous when I saw the menu for the week, since a few of my friends don't branch out in their eating habits and that the dress code was semi-formal (so of course we all wore either a prom dress or an old bridesmaids dress), however we all fell in love with the American Restaurant.

Restaurant week has a three course prix fixe menu (here's what we could choose from):

Almond tapioca, La Quercia prosciutto, chicharrone

Pickled huckleberry, salt cod  

Endive, Satsuma orange, goat cheese
Rye gnocchi, horseradish
Hubbard squash agnollotti, smoked apple, jowl
Lemon, risotto, leek, chanterelle mushroom 

 Peanut butter parfait, gooey peanut butter cake, concord grape sorbet

Chocolate cremaux, chocolate financier, passion fruit sherbert
Spiced carrot sherbert, cream cheese ice cream, walnut gelato

I chose the roasted beet starter.  I wasn't even sure if I liked beets, but I LOVE goat cheese, so that's what sold me on this choice!
For the main dish, I chose the Campo Lindo Chicken.  It was to die for.  Seriously.  It was so good.  The outside was crispy and delicious and the inside was so juicy.  I wish I could have finished this one, but it was too big!

For dessert, I chose the frozen PB&J.  It seriously tasted like a PBJ sandwich, but in ice cream form.  I also wish that I would've been able to finish the dessert, but it just wasn't in the cards!

There was one point in the night where we each had approximately 5 glasses sitting in front of us.  A glass of wine with each course, water, and then the remnants of my gin and tonic from the bar before we were seated.

For our dessert course, we were served different kinds of homemade soda that was supposed to pair well with our dish.  I would've preferred another glass of wine...but it was a cute idea!

The gangs (almost) all here! 

After dinner we went to a bar downtown, called the Cashew where Trish ordered this disgusting drink.  It took our waitress about 30 minutes to get it to her so luckily she got it for free.  I can't remember the name of it but it was hot apple cider and peach schnopps topped with whipped cream.  For some reason this drink had a slight coffee taste and was gritty.  It was probably the worst thing ever.  I decided to play in the whipped cream until my friends took it away from me...jerks.


  1. I wish you guys would've have worn prom dresses! It looks like an interesting place. Sometimes I don't like when they try to make dishes too inventive. And did I see jowl on that menu? ;)

  2. Man that thing was gross. They called it a Peach Cobbler... blech. I've never drank anything gritty like that before! UGh!