Wednesday, January 26, 2011

proving my dad wrong, yet once again

You all know that I have a tiny baby dog (ok, she's not that tiny and not really a baby anymore), and in the winter it gets frigidly cold outside.

Laila doesn't have the longest legs, so her belly gets very close to the frozen ground and snow.

So of course, I have a snuggie, and a few sweaters and coats for her; not for vanity, more for her health.  For real. 

Laila in her pink snuggie, duh.
 Read this article, it even calls out the dachshund breed!

My dad thinks that I baby her and that she doesn't really need the sweaters or coats, but this article just proves once again, that my dad is wrong and I am right.

Also, Laila might be famous. 

We went to a gourmet dinner the other night for dogs and owners at a castle in town.  I had no idea that the people filming were from a local news crew until they were leaving and said to watch Fox news that night.  I was just letting Laila run all over them and was like "oh, sorry, she's crazy!" 

In the video she's the first dog up with her butt in the camera and then makes an appearance later in the clip. 

Don't worry, I'll tell you more about our dining experience later.  Let's just say that Laila couldn't get enough to eat...

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