Sunday, January 9, 2011

new years eve, you totally redeemed yourself

I know this is a wee bit late, but I just wanted y'all to know that my NYE didn't suck this year! There wasn't much for New Years 2011 to live up to and I had no expectations for the night, but this year was awesome. 

Not only did I get to visit some of my favorite people in Texas, but we ate good food, heard and saw some good music, and I relaxed like it was my job.

Our night started out at one of the best Mexican restaurants...their food is good, their margaritas are better, and the atmosphere is the bestest.

Joe T's was where our NYE celebrations started off.  We managed to down at least 4 pitchers of margs in about an hour and tore up the chips and salsa like nobodies business. 

And then came the nachos and fajita's.  Nothing like gooey Mexican food!

After dinner we cowboy'd it up and went to Billy Bob's for the Eli Young Band concert. 

After the concert we ventured off to another bar around the stockyards area of Ft. Worth, where I for some reason thought it to be a good idea to challenge one of the guys in our group to a wall-sit competition in the bar. 

As if we hadn't had enough to eat and drink throughout the night, we concluded the night at Whataburger.  It was my first time at such an establishment and it did not disappoint.

Heather's maybe wasn't as special as she wanted it to be though...

Thanks Matt, Jess, and Jamie for letting me invade your house for the weekend!  It was so fun!

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