Tuesday, January 25, 2011

this is what happens if i don't eat bananas

If you couldn't tell already, my toenails weren't painted at the time.  I know. I'm gross.  Give me a break, it's winter.  Anyway, I took this picture and sent it to my sister because she has the same thing happen to her feet and her reply was: "Gross.  Eat a banana and paint your toenails while you're at it."  Thanks.  Don't mind that my foot feels like it's going to fall off.  Anyway, to spare you with my ugly unpainted toes, I colored it in myself . Also I hate feet.
I get weird foot cramps and my toes go all wonky if I don't eat bananas.  Weird, huh?

Also, it's probably because I don't drink enough water.

Anyway, back to banana's.  I love them.  I eat one pretty much every single day of my life.  I'm really picky about them though.  If they have brown spots on them, forget about it.  My banana has to be on the green side.  I mean, not really green, but kind of green. 

Some people think that the brown spots give them more flavor.  I think it makes them disgusting and mushy.

One of my favorite snacks lately is little bites of banana dipped in melted chocolate chips.  It's pretty much my nightly snack.

Laila also really likes banana's.  She's a pretty health conscious dog if you didn't already know this about her.


  1. I HATE banana's however I get foot cramps all the time. I also hate them. I thought it was from dancing but I wonder if I am dehydrated? Anyway. Hope your feet feel better. lol

  2. My toes do that sometimes too! They twitch and cramp and it's painful. But I never found a correlation. I eat a banana a day and it hasn't happened in a long time so maybe that's it! Thanks!

    My toes have been unpainted since October. And I show them off in yoga every week. I figure if someone is noticing they're not focused enough.

  3. I thought bananas actually CAUSED leg and foot cramps. Google it.

  4. Aha! Charlie Horses, as my mom calls them!! I've heard that you get them because of not enough bananas! Or maybe I have been lead astray!! The world may never know!